[NetBehaviour] Physiognomy

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Sep 4 07:24:29 CEST 2015



something new in clarinet playing, more to
come (was impossible to hold the inst!) -

Clar adds, abandonment among a Sep 9 01:25:48 EDT 1999 Clar
Clar are silent as always this is the wonder, these shorn dipoles
Clar asked Jennifer what else to do, but Jennifer had new Clar
Clar begging for you?" 0 0 2>>bb dialog --inputbox "your new
Clar cries half in sadness and mourning, half in pure
Clar herd me! When I did speak Clar, Clar did herd me! Old Clar, I did
Clar herd me? What did, of the Heering? I do be the New Clar,
Clar is dancing furiously in a (applause) she's dancing
Clar is looking for his fix which is from the marrow. Nikuko's
Clar is\ ke:yama) they hung a Old Clar hangs her head, she's
Clar says, I have nothing more to tell I. Thu Sep 9 01:23:04 EDT
Clar touches herself, to be able to stop. New Clar is involved
Clar trampled Underfoot, Heh!, Voi. New Clar is now in An Other,
Clar writing yourself here please" 0 0 2>> bb This is the
Clar, fingering her short short skirt. Clar walks down the
Old Clar Debris, Heh! Our Shameful Eyes Gaze On Them from Our Shameful
Old Clar agrees with everyone. Old Clar tries to make everyone happy.
Old Clar and immediately regrets it. Old Clar keeps her voice down. I'
Old Clar cries half in sadness and mourning, half in pure exhaustion.
Old Clar dreams badly at night visions of great intensity. New Clar is
Old Clar hangs her head, she's ashamed. I know I'm as good as you,
Old Clar pays no attention, she's got a horrifying pre- "your
Old Clar says sometimes I want everyone to take me, just like in the
Old Clar says, I make everyone nervous. Maybe I'm psychotic, God, I ca
old Clar begging for you?"  >>bb Tiffany says 'Good <g>' llyyou
new Clar " we're in byzanti um.e very new Clar now" >> bb
new Clar fucks you?" 0 0 2>>bb dialog --inputbox "your old Clar
new Clar fucks you?" >>bb dialog --inputbox "your new Clar w
new Clar now" 0 0 2>> bb dialog --inputbox "parts of your old
new Clar was called Nikuko and when Jennifer stirred, she asked Nikuko
new Clar, Jennifer. The new Clar was breathing deep into Jennifer's ho
sometimes. She's got beautiful eyes,\ New Clar says so true.
the new Clar agreed and they did return and the mewling had stopped.
the new Clar cleared out the debris of the marvel-war. The new
the new Clar cleared out! "parts of your old Clar begging for
the new Clar coming. He was bound in wayward and shameless and
she were the new Clar coming

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