[NetBehaviour] dismal news: After the Last Sky

John Hopkins chazhop at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 21:16:14 CEST 2015

Ana -

> We must be prepared to see a dramatic change in our world, but the only
> alternative is to share and to accept our "way of life" of spending the
> planet's resources and creating a class of wealthy parasites sitting on
> their money and living in luxury and indifference, its not longer viable.

The viability/sustainability question lies simply in the number of humans on the 
planet. While this can be framed as a geopolitical problem, it goes far beyond 
that. We are consuming, by some counts, 3x planets-worth of resources right now. 
Obviously this cannot continue. Bio-systems have built-in mechanisms for dealing 
with unsustainable populations -- as in population crashes from pestilence, 
disease, hyper-competition, and so on.

Imbalances within the human population (say, distributions of 
power/wealth/energy) are small when compared to the imbalances between the 
species and the planetary resources.

This is where the crash/transformation/evolution comes, not through some 
re-shuffling of geopolitical boundaries/hegemonies/resoures. It's important to 
see the forest (system) and not only the trees.


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