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It's hard to imagine any of the other candidates making their first act 
as leader of any political party a speech at the rally to support refugees.

and putting "artist" at the top of the list of aspirations that all 
parents might have for their children.

Regardless of what happens next, it is enormously heartening and 
empowering to once again hear a political leader in this country, assert 
that we are all hurt and degraded by the oppression of others.

On 12/09/15 13:00, Edward wrote:
> Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn!
> I'm suspicious of all politicians, and I don't disinclude Corbyn
> from that. I don't expect he's the best thing since sliced bread,
> and if he actually gets into power I'm sure he'll get into all
> sorts of tangles and may end up going the way of Alexis Tsipras.
> But it's really nice to see somebody who looks a bit scruffy, with
> an open-necked shirt and a beard, like an old geography teacher,
> with the implication that he's more interested in his ideas and
> beliefs than his image, and hasn't yet been restyled by the
> image-doctors in an attempt to make him more acceptable to Daily
> Mail readers.
> And it's nice to think/hope that there's now going to be a genuine
> alternative on offer, some proper socialism, a genuine attempt to
> build a fairer society, instead of just another version of
> monetarism with a slightly different spin on it.
> - Edward
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