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*Turbulence.org Commission: text_ocean
<http://turbulence.org/commissions/text_ocean>* by *Zannah Marsh*
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*text_ocean* is an experiment in random access reading and text
visualization, using Herman Melville’s notoriously impenetrable
whalefishery epic Moby Dick as source material. Selections of the text are
blown apart and become a dynamic sea of words, animated according to
grammatical function. The user “reads” the text by ‘hooking’ and releasing
words and, in the process, disconnects them from their original lines. Thus
Moby Dick is slowly, randomly rewritten by the user, word by word, as she

*text_ocean* is a 2015 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
<http://new-radio.org> for its Turbulence.org <http://turbulence.org>
website. It was made possible with funds from the National Endowment for
the Arts.


Zannah Marsh <http://zannahbot.com/> is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer,
educator, and programmer with an interest in narrative data and
collaborative storytelling. She has taught multimedia art and design at New
York University, the New School, and in the City University of New York
system. Zannah was a resident researcher at NYU’s Interactive
Telecommunications Program, and she’s interned with the Creative Systems
Group at Microsoft Research and with Area/Code Games in New York City. She
also worked as an exhibit developer at the Museum of Science in Boston,
producing internationally-traveling interactive exhibits. She has a MPS
from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (2009), and a BFA from
the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (2000).

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Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green, Co-Directors
New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
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