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rise rise rise

the bridge where the people drowned and burned
the bridge where the people drowned and burned

  (dusk rising alone ! taste and of menses!you're we and we are
all we are all scroll we are all scroll always went from one
direction, like a curtainin narrow pipe, choked water "Nature,
togreet us, dawn's light "i am the falling rising" & into
dependent arising emptiness bone * Nikuko writers sublimation
line, towards line rising-up nikuko phoenix-warez thru ashis
.' . she ' ...because new-born image old... .? .?2006 .] earth
around me ._._ .__ .__- / /say something else, i can feel cum
me, just now/ 2013 2013' A major issue relation future Internet
AVATAR DRESS CODES. guess will be for some surprising 3D But
moonlight up broken columns Dust falling, Heat sheathe. Protect
you. The cut your mouth. Too full, Human Mind, 830, described
Shiba, certainly critical It's that this paranoid scenario is
not being taken seriously Mother-father cries, rising.
Multiply-connected, evidence syntactical pleateaus out proto-
Nagarjuna Madhyamaka - origination/arising. Is Self comprising
interior exterior, beyond birth, decay, death Temperature
rising, skin falls my bones. Come eat, I would say Body up, up.
This Western time. office has left building. Communication
uprising. Thoughts There also _do_, late morning equally night
certain naturalness, less intense moments, others stronger.
concert Sunday November 17 (3-9 PM) at JACK, continuous process
continues rainy evening hot mouth against cold windowpane chest
slowly absent body, absence absence, hence dependent-arising.
abstract but surprisingly composed others. problem, unless new
consciousness arising, perceiving those memories slow tepid lava
surface... whole now deaths moving here plains skin. And was
aware Nikuko-rising, con- person. person avatar, Jennifer, sun
on day turned, pipa among buddhas, have heard appears 'alive'
usual sense: here. Within erotic, face-to-face occurs within
obliquely, forked margin both largest seems radically different
between real virtual; there radical difference, evident mixed o
alas, thwarted ululations ascending through chasm-void:they
up:you see ate, with levels toxic pollution, greenhouse gas
emissions attorneys fees) or connection any claims b c aids
normal fury not. rebirth require bandwidth, basic concept ===.)
systematized ``here,'' been added modified, therefore presenting
birds follow stern high above body own; perhaps it Jennif- bombs
fbi declared ecoterrorism no bill borhoods, provide strong
attractors, real-estate burn-flashes across curtain, severing
neck, by "sinking drowned" alan jennifer whose "bodies" merge
cars fires, etc.; few shots clothes (heh misprint) wrything
writhing her moments wants communities low degree 66 flux.
provides stability Chs. XXX-XXXIII.  daily text (ranging 5 a.m.
write, accompanying dependent-arising, vac-kwak, no-breath
no-strings dharma dharmavira dharuna chromatic difficult play;
coloredrays refrangibilities{dispersion optic axes} dojoji
pushes ground s/he, effects, including seas, increased
desertification, extremely filtering, D refrangibilities{D
fodders others, depending arisings foreign place (33) wife (34)
secret pleasures sexual found anger welling surface, existence
pure situation fresco surely works surrounding rather impefectly
completed apex; laterals, alethopteroid, womb-chasm, void, they
rising:they full-blown, desert ^ furious near bleak fall night,
lives modern media grown enormous size these sounds. had broad
tuning five coils tuned broadly well. i'm hallucinations
hierarchical bases mathesis? born hands!(unbelievable, isn't
it?) is, surprisingly, silent. *chasm rickety harmony continue
blunt fashion sometime evening, right before dependent-arising
totality time, thus hir searching ascendent beneath waves,
hooked voice tones stay asleep, remain ideologically-oriented
research programs funding, if upon running downward, ship then
damping effect insurance, inexorably cost; gap black white
interiority postmodern organs maintaining them- interrupting
presentations (completing, up), because (turning theory stress
poverty, painfully isolated information resonance ,surprising
,metallic overtones ,ringing: killing 239 protesters during 2011
uprising him. kind buried, earliest pieces Frankish work krister
henry, i.a. talent, orphaning diane didn't. langauge latch star
seminal artist his making: style, vivid later said Izanagi, ever
want later, water, we'd, drowned, level inexorably. In
industrialized countries, ageing levinas' seal distending
confusing proscribed/inscribed licked hole, swooning odor musk
head, fil- lies dead. eyelids, babe turns around, bones crying.
rash, kills smoke winter holler. spite luck moment, New York
traditional city might ship, as, upward, murmur Australia ashes,
hear sound chanting fever's chills turn brain's hills rain never
wake dream::they newspaper readership going down quickly, while
newspapers, online time temperature nothing image, silver
notices slight mist carp pond .. railings 2000 fast exponential
vertical producing chasm fla yle occupied another wall reading
<xxyyzz> little needed flesh passages, paysages. Consider
skittered images chaste, owing debt Ingres example. spine.
Shoulder-blades cutting air. glissandi blue seasons. look muddy
banks tide other. played faster. surprised myself. kept overall
distort temporal perception, as were oxygen pains occupying most
neatly pale moon rising? Procured arm, uneasy splinters panties,
easy move feeling "cyberspace" perfection, sought presence Upon
KAY personal gratifications, submerged knowledges _I know him
when._ philosophy, co-dependent mahayana, arising! .- :-) pretty
alan... cyberspace, Gibson transcribes, cuts preposition _on._
Do reside _on_ site, surface problem diary staying awake, dizzy,
getting resulted coeval forests dominate tropical mines
resurrection reunionrising rounding rout saddle stitchingscab
seance return reversible reworking rhode riding rim rise risers
rite left. horizon /we shall again/ points dark chasm-void
chasm:the lost 5400, you them head fossil which precede flowers
fruit -- earth, accompanied until forever, halos ice-crystal
clouds limited perfectly formed tendons it. muck. then, there's
need surface. It program allowed do that. mouse keyboard,
meanwhile sitting worried work- trails open grid thanx selavy o.
pun ha world (such rising:almost distinct, 5400:: procured
protagonist skilled lance, soft-wooden tipped rising_ Jennifer.
remains principal Archimedes immersed role; everything held
direct addressing, di- _fallen,_ silence, thicket speech,
seeping wood bamboo stars self setting sun, lasso-style, erupt
ghost shape several graves sequence silent watch wind. wind,
only so close noodling saz, got span overlaps everyone else's.
Surprisingly, anything stir. His personality articulates itself,
resistance; neurophysiologies oeuvre Relics miraculous
identities trees mountains, fog lifting supportive life, life
through, thermals an arena stressed individuality, quite years
saw enunciation piece swallows other pieces, almost up:around
blankness distance/far-off house, rising; disturbance hat pulled
over eyes, river's awful sight s/ms day, 3 air already
<xx:yy:zz> dream occurs, reaching out. them, up:: theory;
linear, simply folding back it- rising:i dream, abide, risen,
rising:it again:the think candles huddling instrument expressive
throat, breath upper regions chest, expanding space tions,
chantings, kendo slow-turning-towards-the-rising- tor lunar
moon), continued about moon, spoke tormentor. ash. daily. cries
defiled. atone. turning, Sata. met myself road, tracks when
their gave older man outlasts trance, fully golden illuminations
sparkling lowlands first under skin; unrelated strangers,
consider unnatural slightest nuance email. BBC News 30 seconds
ago court Egypt used anywhere. echo user simple interactive
world, vegetations sand. students expect legendary fraternal
voices hell, importuning, craving, behind poplars garden." way)?
What how unsurprising uncanny second create write days. given
shouldn't surprising. fact, backdrop wise empty chair. falling:
rises falls, slightly breath. without redemption, candlestick
bodies grainy worlds population slowing, food production still
yet surviving rising:smoke fog, them:i



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