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Dear all,

Executions: conversations on code, power & death (version 0.1)

We invite researchers across disciplines to join in for a two-days event,
including a PhD masterclass + Open keynotes and workshops at Aarhus with
scholars such as Wendy Chun, Geoff Cox, Christian Ulrik Andersen, Søren
Pold and Cornelia Sollfrank, where we will explore the topic of execution.
This event investigates the cultural, material and political implications
of execution. Software permeates our environment. We co-exist in an
increasingly datafied present in which algorithms and abstract coded
processes execute across different scales, materialising and operating at
the micro and macro levels of our actions.

The aim of this event is to open up the concept of execution, both from a
particular perspective of code and its execution, and more generally
towards a wider discussion in relation to datafied culture and everyday
life. How can we understand the affective, embodied, performative,
programmed processes of execution in the world today? By gathering together
researchers working with diverse artistic practices, we hope to encourage a
critical curiosity and engagement with the theme of execution.
PhD master class application deadline: 30 Sep 2015
Date: 3-4 Dec 2015 at Aarhus, Denmark
Link: http://softwarestudies.projects.cavi.au.dk/index.php/*.exe_(ver0.1)

Critical Software Thing

Winnie Soon - artist-researcher
PhD Fellow @ PIT Research Centre, Aarhus University, Denmark
www.siusoon.net <http://www.siusoon.com>
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