[NetBehaviour] Arche,qin

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Sep 23 05:34:18 CEST 2015



He was the first philosopher to employ, in a philosophical
context, the term arche, which until then had meant beginning
or origin. For him, it became no longer a mere point in time,
but a source that could perpetually give birth to whatever will
be. The indefiniteness is spatial in early usages as in Homer
(indefinite sea) and as in Xenophanes (6th century BC) who said
that the earth went down indefinitely (to apeiron) i.e. beyond
the imagination or concept of men. (Wikipedia, Anaximander)

returning to qin after exhausted period of two months, wonder,
it remaining, in tune, i begin, remember, this gathering

this instrument, when i play, worlds open, horizons at all
hours, i play murmur, i play the formation of worlds from
worlds, play asymptotic reach of horizons from horizons

beneath me, above me, to the left and right of me, the forest
of qin, the infinite lu, the murmur, indefinite of qin,
indefinite forst, indefinite horizons, indefinite memory,
the somewhere worlds, the somewhere somewhen worlds

the indefinite time, indefinite internal time consciousness, the
moment, the other moment, the same (always already transitive),
the rail


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