[NetBehaviour] safeshare party!

none aha at aharonic.net
Wed Sep 23 10:44:41 CEST 2015


Hope this finds you all well!

During the past month, the people of bucfp.org (brighton unemployed centre
family planing), together with Mike, Lucy and me, were building a media
sharing social network tool for the bucfp.

The development is being done via workshops with the tools' future users.
Indeed, the idea to develop safeshare came, slowly, from reactions at the
bucfp towards Brighton + Hove council using facebook to communicate with
During a digihub conference that focused on the Future of Work, a city
council person came to talk at the centre. People expressed a general
dislike made of distrust for tools like tweeter and facebook.

Therefore the current development is very much from oriented - rather than
for (top-down) - the tools' actual and future users.
This allows input as to How to make safeshare be oriented to community needs.

The bucfp user community is made of a diverse groups with various
trajectories. From new immigrants through to ex drug abusers, single
parents and food hippies, etc..

Indeed, if any of you guys are ever in Brighton between Tuesdays and
Fridays, at around 13.00 and fancy a good hearty meal for £1.5 with some
fab views over the city and the sea - bookmark bucfp... ;)

The party?
If anyone has some time for free nibbles and checking out the place + new
tool -
Come on sunday 27th between 14.00 and 18.00

The development of safeshare is being generously funded by brighton
digital festival. Hoorah!

Hope and look fwd to see some of you guys on sunday!

Cheers and have much fun!


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