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Hi Gretta,

Great to hear about your project here.
We've worked for a number of years with Drake Music - a brilliant 
organisation who work to overcome disabling barriers to music and music 
making. They have been running accessible music hack days (in 
partnership with Furtherfield) and at their recent event, at the Web We 
Want festival in London, they were doing some work with the Mi Mu 
glove.  I'm sure they would have some excellent connections for you.

On 29/09/15 09:21, Gretta Louw wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am beginning a new body of work called ‘Avatar as Prosthesis’, 
> looking at the ways in which avatars - both in virtual reality and, 
> potentially, more broadly in the sense of just our appearance online, 
> via social media etc - function as prosthesis for real or perceived 
> shortcomings/disabilities in offline life. I am drawing a link between 
> neuropsychological research into the adaptability of the brain/psyche 
> to prosthetic limbs (rubber and robotic hands especially) and the 
> connection that we can feel with pixels on a screen.
> I don’t want to overload your inboxes with too much detail here, but 
> would love to hear from any of you who might be interested in 
> discussing this topic with me. And especially, I would be very 
> grateful for any suggestions of artists or art projects that you know 
> of which work with the theme of disability in the context of avatars/ 
> virtual reality. Also, if anyone happens to have friends or contacts 
> in their circles who are both involved with Second Life and have some 
> form of disability, I would love to get in touch!
> My contacts: gretta at grettalouw.com <mailto:gretta at grettalouw.com> / 
> @GrettaLouw
> Thank you!
> Gretta
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