[NetBehaviour] my life chapter zero and one and two

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my life chapter zero and one and two

my life chapter zero


my life chapter one

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my life chapter two

Eyebeam blog entries / topics

Just found this history list on the Eyebeam site. It's hard
to access the individual entries from linux mint on the
machine I'm using, but most of them seem to be there? The
topics are the same old thing in a way, from 2011-2012...
Think of this as a poem/poetics in itself...

a history of death, pain, separation, virtual dispersion

142 death / virtual     DEATH
141 artworks or field of operations
140 dying
139 flutelegie
138 thinking thru death
137 Project and Water
136 deep elogie
135 in silence here
134 Returning from Pennsylvania and eulogies
133 bloody mess it is these days in me head and yours
132 On Fissure (from Monika Weiss, with permission)
131 clarity
130 cicatrix     SCAR
129 never
128 being and beings
127 enunciation
126 grep text
125 painting of Rosemary Mayer and Alan Sondheim, by
Raphael Soyer, 1975
124 Avatar using Slava Balasanov's Gifpumper
123 section development with gifpumper thanks to Slava
122 the idiotic poverty of pain     PAIN
121 gig through Roddy
120 looking for musicians, does anyone read the blogs
119 some kind of desert mourning, some kind of evening
118 the stench is everywhere
117 even after death it keeps yammering, yakking away
115 new instruments     THRENODY
114 ululations
113 Equipment
112 mono
111 new ouddd
110 ravage
109 the aesthetics of pain
108 don't write enough don't read enough
107 last night at Eyebeam... a revelation...
106 Monika Weiss, Krasis, please read, thanks, -
105 hasapi threnody, playing     SOUND
104 from Monika Weiss re: 'bloody mess'
103 untitled groans from caverns howls, something's there
102 Chris Desparro and me with some good stuff mixed in w/
101 blog problems
100 raaaaaaaaaaaahr thanks Michaeel McClure
99 BHOLE: sounds of the residents desk
98 absinthe oud makes the hart grow flounder
97 the darkness for Edwin Honig, the murmurs of Eyebeam ...
96 my hasapi for YouTube!!!!!
95 pain, death, shehnai, social media
94 isthisit, sexuality of the dead and damned
93 Psych, woundatar, pain
92 perfect julu     WOUND
91 spruce
90 listening to the dead
89 noise
88 noise, for example, cathedral
87 anti-soocial media 2.0
86 memorial for my father, first day
85 Kittler just died ...
84 memorial for my father, second day
83 errors     MEMORIAL
82 memorial for my father, third day
81 memorial for my father, fourth day, sleep lock leave
80 on good days
79 quietude
78 Sounds of Eyebeam: Analog to Digital
77 assemblage
76 some legs
75 On Being Dead / On My Deadwork / My Work is Dead
74 dance
73 dead i fill you space and bring you
72 three studies     DEAD
71 strands
70 printers models for 3d-laser printing
69 distractions
68 3d julu printer
67 future 3d printer models
66 alanprint objects of pained desire
65 alanprint ap
64 virtual worlds (thinking thru installation)
63 ouch!     VIRTUAL
62 hasapi from bottom to top
61 crystal radio setting up for installation
60 epitaph - he never did his best work
59 cassette
58 ragged smooth
57 gltsch     RADIATIONS
56 uncanny beauty, odd cries and whimpers
55 snaps of such
54 maudatar
53 sondheims one-step
52 Wadih Sader in Projection / Commentary
51 Urban Research Group trip - notes
50 bottlenecking
49 My AR at Flash Mob AR at Wall Street
48 brilliant roots yellows and blues
47 memoria hd
46 // what will come
45 mannequin body found at vel, wvu, laboratory corner
44 evental Aesthetics
43 architexting at Eyebeam
42 crimped doubles     AVATARS
41 noise reduction of a jet aircraft
39 deathtalk
38 lifetalk
37 For Occupy Wall Street, Jesus' Third Way
36 Avatar / My Human Wounded in Time and in Space
35 walking
34 2 small videos - millipede and the obvious
33 azlion
32 Good Times and Bad Times
31 Thanks and Giving     DISPERSIONS
30 The Mound Builders of Aurora, Colorado
29 on the move
28 experiments for eyebeam window install
27 the stirring dance of ossi oswalda with ossi the cat
26 article/summary on emanents
25 Eyebeam window Gallery Installation
24 Sleepytime
23 Coupled and Resonating Crystal Radio Circuitry with
Analog Recording     RADIATING
22 4 descriptions
21 Upcoming musical event at Unnameable Books, December 4th
20 Virtual
19 what i remembered when it was so poor out
18 thinking about the residency
17 The Residents and a Dance
16 Four Improvisations with Chris Diasparra
15 adamz
14 new avatar and avatars     IMPROVISATIONS
13 Last Night's Music at Unnameable Books
12 megalithic distortions of figures, sky island
11 very large-scale motivated fossil avatars
10 transparent avatar interlocks meshed from below
9 k12% shutter
8 thinking too much
7 stalled
6 1980s Egyptian oud
5 installzoom
4 studies     CONFIGURATiONS
3 ear smarks
2 Pompeii (the proper name, pompeii)
1 industrialization and Ossi Oswalda the cat *
Mon Dec 12 14:50:38 EST 2011

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