[NetBehaviour] Article 27: Algorithmic politics.

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Article 27: Algorithmic politics.

By Eugenio Tisselli.

Eugenio Tisselli shares his thoughts on global, financial dictatorship and
Necrocapitalism, where politics itself is reduced to market related
executables based on algorithms of finance.

“The global financial dictatorship presents us with a paradox: while the
economic transactions capable of shifting the destinies of entire countries
are the result of performative language, it is language itself that, in
turn, is transformed and subjected by the flows of financial markets. Such
a paradox may be understood as a negative feedback loop: a relational
process in which one of the actors of the relationship is amplified and
expanded (the economy) while the other is weakened and submitted
(language). The effects of this paradoxical feedback loop on politics are
evident and clear: the linguistic exchange which feeds the public sphere,
and therefore the possibility of thinking about the democratic organization
of society, diminishes and becomes neutralized because of its submission to
the market, up to the point of canceling politics itself.”

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