[NetBehaviour] future futile feudal few dialed waves

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Apr 5 21:03:27 CEST 2016

future futile feudal few dialed waves


"The temporal has three times and therefore essentially never
_is_ completely nor is completely in any one of the periods; the
eternal _is._ A temporal object can have a multiplicity of
varied characteristics; in a certain sense it can be said to
have them simultaneously, insofar as in these definite charact-
eristics it is that which it is. But reduplication in itself
never has a temporal object; as the temporal disappears in time,
so it exists only in its characteristics." - Kierkegaard, in
Works of Love, trans. Hong and Hong.

The _sense_ in Kierkegaard tends towards spirituality; the
_sense_ here tends towards the unraveling of scales towards an
eternity whose perceived basis drops out, infinitely, in the
depths of a time and space. The unraveling of sound, its living,
is not this eternity, which is inconceivable and never perceived
- yet it is what the music is about, its _concern._ One cannot
listen to a concern which may also possess its infinities, its
duress, but concern concerns an object, situation, process,
habitus; this music, this _sound_ does not. Yet it disappears.

Only, I say, by _becoming_ space and time, do we not disappear -
do we, in fact, inhabit this music in a profound way which is
theory's detour. Only in this way, detouring in fact through the
literal _fabrication of files,_ themselves unraveling through
protocols and dynamics grind one into the mesh and raster of an
everyday life always on the lookout for healing.

Healing through suture, boundary, protocol, carapace, domain,
already strangles healing; let us call for another healing, and
let us not call for an other.

Such, here, and hear, is the eternity of this sound, which
disappeared in its very making, hence already occupying the
thetic of existence and the existence of the thetic: a literal
far cry from the digital insertions into the raster that serves
as a panoply of ordered graves.

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