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dear list, rmember the call for Rojava … here the results….


IN 2015 the International network female:pressure (1700 members, 65 countries) launched an online music, awareness & solidarity campaign with the women fighters & the Rojava revolution via multiple media outlets.

Please visit these pages to see the wide spread impact:

female:pressure project page
http://www.femalepressure.net/rojava.html <http://www.femalepressure.net/rojava.html>

Soundcloud - 30 000 listens (April 2016)
https://soundcloud.com/femalepressure/sets/rojava-female-pressure <https://soundcloud.com/femalepressure/sets/rojava-female-pressure>

Bandcamp / Donations - approx 600 €  (April 2016)
https://femalepressure.bandcamp.com/album/music-awareness-solidarity-w-rojava-revolution <https://femalepressure.bandcamp.com/album/music-awareness-solidarity-w-rojava-revolution>

List of press results
https://femalepressure.wordpress.com/press-review/ <https://femalepressure.wordpress.com/press-review/>

CTM Festival Berlin Panel 150 participants, streaming 200€ donation to Rojava women
http://www.femalepressure.net/rojava.html <http://www.femalepressure.net/rojava.html>

Best album FACT MAG 2016
http://www.factmag.com/2016/03/25/best-albums-first-quarter-report-2016/ <http://www.factmag.com/2016/03/25/best-albums-first-quarter-report-2016/>

Remarkable review in one of the biggest music magazines
http://www.factmag.com/2016/03/10/best-bandcamp-releases/2/ <http://www.factmag.com/2016/03/10/best-bandcamp-releases/2/>

Extensive social media out reach through facebook, twitter, tumblr and other.

The concrete impact has been in raising awareness in the Western world - where talk, work has activated intercultural interest, communication, support and solidarity, responsibility and understanding. For example:
- 10000s of women artists were reached worldwide via social media and email lists
- 40 music compositions and artworks were created and contributed which have been listened to min. 30 000 times on https://soundcloud.com/femalepressure/sets/rojava-female-pressure <https://soundcloud.com/femalepressure/sets/rojava-female-pressure>
- CTM Festival Berlin hosted a panel with female:pressure on Rojava, where we invited Kurdish women activists and artists, with over 150 attendees and online streaming of the event, entrance donations (of over 200 Euro) were donated directly to Rojava's women support groups.
- 10+ radio shows were produced on the subject matter, with music and interviews
- 20+ articles were published (e.g. The Quietus, FACT) still ongoing
- Bandcamp compilation was installed which guarantees an ongoing direct donation system to support women in Rojava and the war zone for a safe village, revenue so far over 600 Euro / ongoing
The project has shown that solidarity can be achived through art and music and that a real connection can be established for intercultural exchange and understanding and common solution projects.

The campaign primarily aims at raising awareness around the resistance movement currently taking place in the cantons of #Rojava (located in northern Syria), where women participate on all levels of decision making and building a new society from scratch, with built-in social, racial and ethnic justice, religious freedom, ecological principles and gender equality. Despite vast cultural and historical differences between Europe and Kurdistan, the campaign uses art & music to bridge these and build long-lasting real-life connections based on dialogue and respect, involving as many Kurdish musicians and activists as possible (still ongoing).

female:pressure raise awareness for the women of Rojava, their struggle, ideas and implementations on the ground including famously defeating areas captured by the Islamic State. Mass media have been silent and struggle to report on the Kurdish region and the complex issues, due to the danger it holds through IS, war, airstrikes by Russia, USA and allies and the Turkish war on Kurds. As the PKK is officially named as a terrorist organisation (e.g. by USA & the EU), many global and European news platforms do not report at all or if so, with a large bias in favour of Turkey's current government. The campaign aims to activate a dialog, solidarity with women in war, investigate further into these complex issues and not to stay stagnant with inaction to the detriment of huge number of human rights violations in the area. The challenges addressed are huge: extremely complex global politics and economics, post-colonial challenges of war, systematic prejudice & inequality, corruption, terrorism, fundamentalism, the role of the women in society. Quote from "Women & The Gun": "Rojava is a chance for the whole world...[for] energy to continue our fight for a better life." Awareness is necessary to activate critical reflection and action, the female:pressure network can help activate this.

The target group is the largly uninformed global public. All women and feminists are the target group to acknowledge the inspirational, revolutionary work undertaken by the women of Rojava and re-think their stance on feminism, equality and justice. By putting art and music in the centre-point of this campaign, we believe we can have a wide reach to a range of different people. We have already been successful with wide press coverage from online music publications, as well as a large audience including many young people who attended a panel event organised by female:pressure around this campaign at CTM Festival Berlin, in February 2016. female:pressure stands for an inclusive feminism which promotes dialogue and visibility for women. Since female:pressure is a large international network, the networking can achieve a world wide spreading of information.

Challenges we encountered were that many women and men were concerned about the militarized content. female:pressure artists are against violence and war. However, discussions evolved through listening to the women in the war zones towards an understanding that pacifism is a choice for the privileged. Although peace and equality are ultimately desired, the women fighters are forced to fight as a matter of survival. Many women were impressed by the bravery of these women fighters. Overwhelmingly, women have come out in support of the inspiring vision to build a gender equal, multi-ethnic society from the bottom-up.
White western academic feminism has been criticised in favour of building an equal world on the ground, and resisting a universalisation of white feminism's values particularly where complex historical, politico-economic, ethnic and religious issues are at stake. 
The recent attacks on civilians in Turkey claimed by the militant Kurdish organization TAK, and their alleged links to the PKK have added to this complex situation. We have continued to discuss with some members continuing their show of solidarity to the Rojava revolution (limited to their use of warfare for self-defense), and others sceptical of this potential connection.  

female: pressure works on a voluntary basis and no money was involved, except the income we generated through the CTM panel and the Bandcamp compilation which was completely donated to Rojava support funds.

CTM Festival, Berlin, supported the project and helped creating a broad public.
Many newspapers and radio stations have published the actions.

Norient, a network for global sounds and media culture, invited us to contribute to their exhibition.

The project holds a vision that we can build bridges out of privileged Western societies and work together on common goals, such as equality. It shows how people who live under very different conditions can co-exist and listen to each other. It is important that we collaborate and build real life connections. These events are unfolding by the day and demonstrate the fragility in the region which is war-torn and under severe threat. Women in the Syrian war face death, sexual abuse, extreme violence and sexual slavery. It has been said that these women build a new vision for the region but also for the whole world. female:pressure has contributed to make this struggle audible in the west. The project is extraordinary for the awareness it has raised so far, as well as the new connections between activists and artists in the Middle East and all over the world which have resulted.

sound & curation

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Music, Awareness & Solidarity with #Rojava powered by female:pressure 
http://www.femalepressure.net/rojava.html <http://www.femalepressure.net/rojava.html>

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