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~./Limits of the Demiurge

*//glitch phenomena in local host/abandonment of habitus/
continuous depradation/disappearance and collapse. first
part of demi.mp4:analysis/second part:the journey//*

Years ago I worked on the idea of a general 'rule' that there
were irretrievably unrelated domains in the universe/multiverse,
regions which were inherently, deeply, out of touch, Bell's
theorem or not. I postulated an unknowable-by-any-means, even
though one might treat the 'law' paradoxically through a kind of
sophistic sleight-of-hand. I bring this up because in this and
every other virtual world, howsoever virtual might be defined,
there are such presences; one might think of them as eruptions,
but not eruptive signifiers of any sort. Technological and
scientific wonders appear daily; what I'm considering however
isn't such, nor commonplace, but elsewhere entirely, something
outside any conceivable mapping. Our images, helpless, provide
no guide. I can wish, and do, for a warmer world, one with even
a slightly recognizable habitus, but outside our construction,
there's nothing of the sort; as scientific knowledge gains,
ground, the elsewhere both recedes (as if technology succeeds)
and increases (as if instrumental reason fails. The failure is
our own, has more to do with psychology and the psychoanalytical
than with the world as such: a sociology is at work. And again,
elsewhere, the sociology loses, is at a loss, as if overstepping
its bounds.).

A demiurge or dramaturge returns to a scenario of creation in
which a happening occurs, an occurrence happens, in which flight
from her creation, or rather a garnered adieu, is her conceived
choice. What's there is here, an ordinary sky, nothing towards
or untoward the feet, nothing where beneath belief might be. She
believes that is not in her works. There is the matter of the
shudder or flashing realms of existence which are uncountable
and unaccountable. No matter the absence of matter. What is the
logic that clings to unknown laws?


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