[NetBehaviour] The Inconceivable Closeness of Annihilation

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Apr 12 05:22:41 CEST 2016

The Inconceivable Closeness of Annihilation


This is the closeness of your other

Mon Apr 11 12:48:07 EDT 2016

useless flailing. my basic rule: that there are infinities of
space and time and universe utterly cut off from us, where
speculation is the only myth, a free-for-all of the imagination,
a lie. that's where dead narratives go: to tell a story is to
lie, to do nothing, another lie, to tell a lie, another story.

a moment or a movement of writing under or within the chaos of
effacement, for something surely has created these words? in
this order? whose order has already disappeared? in the future?
in a previous time? among times? temporalities? don't escape;
there's nothing to escape to; nothing has occurred.
Mon Apr 11 13:09:25 EDT 2016

what follows or precedes, is no condition, no conditional, no
one, no many, no commons, has written these, written among
these. there are no remnants found, no punctum, no embodying,
embedding. annihilation: to the limit - is limitless,
annihilation pervasive, creation yet another story.
Mon Apr 11 13:11:28 EDT 2016

This is the distance of your new Clar

Mon Apr 11 12:48:07 EDT 2016

anonymity is the fundamental flux of existence. into the future,
one writes, now, under conditions of erasure. this is the
chiasmus of presencing within codification and raster.

annihilation: to the limit! has always already occurred; we just
weren't aware of it.
Mon Apr 11 12:50:20 EDT 2016

abandonment is the condition of life. species and planets are
abandoned, territories are always under contestation, formed on
the remnants of organic debris. to be abandoned means there was
once 'comfort and a home' - another misrecognition by dead eyes,
misrecognition _in fact_ by the dead. think of abandonment
without an origin, without that imaginary - then you,
temporarily and again under erasure, have it.
Mon Apr 11 12:52:32 EDT 2016

nothing one writes is now; there is no 'one' writing, no
communal writing, only temporary coagulations, cicatrix
remnants. despair is an illusion, hope as well. there are no
new/s and old/s, no newer and older, no progress, only
progression. the sign itself is that of annihilation - of the
sign, of referent, of coding and decoding, of digitalanalogic
and analogicdigital. with matter, it doesn't matter. what
appears to matter is the evanescence of strange attractors.
Mon Apr 11 12:55:30 EDT 2016

writing _here_ is non-writing, to write oneself into existence
is the simultaneity of writing oneself out of existence, not
writing at all. anomie is a true state and the truth of the
state. again, it is fundamental to abandon abandonment - and,
for that _matter,_ the subjunctive itself.
Mon Apr 11 12:57:00 EDT 2016

to breath in and through this is to do oneself the favor of
emptiness, no enlightenment along the way, no way. the
insipidity of being conscious is the tawdry revelation that it's
of no account; the universe is unaccountable; and mathematico-
scientific forays into comprehension only, within expansive
economics, push the barriers back towards unascertainable and
unforgivable limits.
Mon Apr 11 13:00:05 EDT 2016

one breathes; one has to breathe; to stop breathing is to stop.
one might as well continue as to stop. everyone knows the
indifferent is the character of our time, projected and
introjected into and from the past and future. move the words
around as you may; nothing is being said here. it's as if there
were nothing _sayable_ in fact.
Mon Apr 11 13:01:40 EDT 2016

debris is never beyond debris, never within debris; the
character of debris is its infinitude. never a remnant of (which
implies abandonment), always a part-object as if it were
yearning for totality, another story.
Mon Apr 11 13:05:10 EDT 2016

the only return is that of eternity. a new rule: nothing has
anything to do with us.
Mon Apr 11 13:07:49 EDT 2016

and another story following suit, another silenced, an other
silenced, an other silence, an other, exactly the same.
Mon Apr 11 13:12:30 EDT 2016

Mon Apr 11 13:12:31 EDT 2016

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