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Very good article - and a lot to take in here!

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> Accelerationist Art | By Rob Myers.
> Despite its image of rapid technological change, progress under capitalism
> has stalled. Spinning ever faster is not the same as going somewhere.
> Contemporary Accelerationism wants to take off the brakes, and it is
> enlisting art's help to do so. Rob Myers attempts to speed up understanding
> of what Accelerationist art is and where it maybe heading.
> “What Epistemic (philosophical) and Left (political) Accelerationism have
> in common is an attitude of "prometheanism", of amplifying our
> capabilities, of rationally overcoming intellectual and material limits. Of
> hacking the systems of philosophical and political thought to find the
> exploits that will allow us to increase our knowledge of them, our control
> of them, our reach through them. Hopefully this will work out better than
> it did for the original Prometheus of Greek myth (or for Ridley Scott).”
> http://www.furtherfield.org/features/articles/accelerationist-art
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