[NetBehaviour] Wall.Great Wall.Event Horizon.Symbolic.Fold Catastrophe.Edge.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Apr 19 15:52:30 CEST 2016

Wall. Great Wall. Event Horizon. Symbolic. Fold Catastrophe.




"I name our universe among multiverses Our Neighborhood = ON,
and within 6000 languages here and billions elsewhere, the
translation of ON or ON within a parenthetical, the performative
of nomenclature, {}ON{} to be dissipated and interpreted or
discard as unfit or fit. I pray and {s}pray particles and
configurations that this might be the case. I {s}pray that this
might be the case."

Fundamental Barrier. Categorial Surfacings. Limit. Singularity.
Primordial Mathesis. Generation Tantra. Completion Tantra.
Not Our Universe. {}ON{} and {}NON{}.

As if mathesis _cohered._ As if there were _inhabitation_ within
one or another _body._ As if _body_ were _space_ and _time._ As
if we become that. As if we _became_ that. As if we're _here
now._ As if we _were._

_Dance_ which is _all movement._ As if it _were._

_Edgespace_ equals _gamespace_ equals _blankspace._
The _juncture,_ _incipient._ The _entanglement._

Among _entanglement, striations._ _They among them._

_Among among._



Wild Goose Gate (and the) Great Wall (purple pass) Pacific of
the Wall the Rim, disturbances of sounds alalalalalalalala,
Return to the Wall and the Stain (and one grea her Pond (and)
peak s Wall (purple pass)

the wall reading <xx:yy:zz> - rising and falling with the stars
I dream of laugh f of ants interchanged=ant*.s*the was it where
city=of the wall of the wall ..here herhe on the walll faces
against p objects here against the wal on the wall all blemish
now in throat cliff on ure wall ..remember meye..s...w.e = wall
"nikuko's flesh" of "fgfgggfgfgfgggfgggfggg"  "f" = "g" =


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