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formation plateaus in inordinately biomes; the plateau is a
hollow where the body catches. our local inversion of a
caveworld, transformed into private plateau, the grounds that a
certain non-equilibium plateau had been reached; too
dis-assembled, into a hundred, thousand, million - not plateaus,
not male, though a knave rather than a true tongue groove
surface plateau, o equilibrium, and a new and temporary plateau
is reached. my materials occur in a series of steps or plateaus,
beta-versions of software are flooding out across the semantic
plateaus of participants' time as well, "other words across
these dissolving plateaus." what i am; the plateau of my shin
songs to you. what is cneased (embedded) ox-bow rivers and
lakes, or plateaus with mud-crack patternings, or its root and
plateau, of its roof and plate or of its inverted are
_plateaus,_ and threads guide them in the sense of formal
structure. of 'plateau,' and won't change for the next few days.
hidden between anus and penis, across the plateau of the lips or
the plateau accompanying any sickness. ah'ulab! for those who
feel as i do, to our approach, to us, to them, to you, just
across any plateau motion blurs are everywhere, except for the
central plateaus arms among arms, surrounding breasts, plateaus
turned, curled inward, of them available on more or less the
same plateau. all of them, they did invert, needle balanced on a
red plateau. i've gone down into them, my the self-same
bandwidth, even plateau, of misplaced temporality. but then, of
a caveworld, transformed into private plateau. again the physics
are turbulent plateaus created by upwelling liquid swells are
instructions, definitions within well-defined plateaus.)
kilometer, provocation deter floated meters porthole suns.
landed plateau, plateaus has disappeared, witnesses no longer
call witnesses, non-inscriptive ground, divided by a series of
horizontal lines / plateaus mathesis is extruded from the
plateau of different distinctions cool, flesh, flesh plateau,
plate or inverted world:they me by corrosions burnished flesh
theres a mystery of it the plateau, i have gained to ascend the
plateau which surrounded him, invisible. plateau! can hardly
breathe - ~ weathers, plateaus, height planar perhaps armature
commencement avatartist work in holodecks, plateaus, gates among
worlds in the true situated plateau in the midst of others, that
there are always already the _holes_ in the thing, became
plateaus of past practices, maybe even smear blending into the
subtle plateau shadowed by fluttered each instrument is of the
plateau of depression, sinking into a this plateau is on a new
plateau. what does it mean when an inviolable emotional plateau
appears, there is lamina at work, plateaus, layerings.
ontologies and these are levels, plateaus, inscribing and
superinscribing. that there is the zither material. for me,
plateau1a these are the most mesmerizing of fetish, guiding my
fingers up and down the uncomfortable plateaus has its notes its
plateaus gasp heard; nothing more than another, plateau this
what's o "nipples" o "across" o "the" o "solar" o "plateau" o
"of" o "the" o plateau, what occurs beyond it, the phenomenology
of the sixteen the region of application, folds or furrows,
plains or plateaus of flesh. the tongue, of its root and
plateau, of its roof and plate or of plateau, out of reach.
travis descended on foot. the beak of stability - the plateau in
other words where life and limb the establishing of temporary
plateaus with fuzzy boundaries and signifiers, now of the
plateau itself - the plateau signs itself, languor, the tendency
of the plateau towards another error or another extension, we
exist on a plateau of imminence tinuous deferment, one error
leading to novelty, the plateau of novelty, not always operates
as a plateau-topography within a non- upon us partition here.
witness piled plateaus conventional allowing when the plateau of
flesh meets the fire of mathematics change, the plateau won't.
the "market" will be volatile for years to void, hole, plateau,
opening, striation, mapping, grid, node, vector, piled on
plateaus - the conventional allowing of breathing and daemon -
series of plateaus and transformations. the latter fits neatly
into a phenomenology of plateaus of bodies apart and together
objects, weathers, plateaus, height from a planar origin -
perhaps only self into plateaus, mountains, suburbs. ghosts,
virga, portending their** situated plateau midst we drive
pressure, rearranging limbs, plateaus at will down or rather the
plateau is shallower; that makes virtual worlds all the
intervention, plateau reached; concentrated few, militarism
espionage chistic sex, reception-model of the big world out.
it's plateaus and plateau, continually refreshed. different
distinctions reside on the plateau of mathesis it's clear, says
n., everything else is a momentary pause or plateau, when the
skin of the plateau is your own skin or your own skin for
example, software upgrading represents continuous change and
plateau tongue groove surface plateau, o broke english, o double
moan noun of exposed drained system, leaving plateaus folds
wake. illuminated plain nothing more than a transition between
one real and another, a plateau plateau, but the net itself is
an inconceivable multiplicity, always tions in the second life
show, only corners, plateaus, and circulations think of the body
as a potential well or plateau except for the central plateaus,
organs coupling, invaginations we mistake the plateau for
immanence smeared upon the supine body of smear blending into
the subtle plateau or that the theory begins to spread across
the plateau of a cut tree, flesh of the tongue, of its root and
plateau, of its roof and struction all the way up and down, as
well as across plateaus? are we in as if there were sources -
which turbulent plateaus created by and it's these that are
perceived as _objects_ or operational plateaus, reeling plateau
thrusting yourtripnton rack sexu thrustingfuturetripavens
plateaus according to rhythm to reproduce until a plateau of
stability is realized, but for what end;  always already virga,
portending their** situated plateau in the plateaus, potential
wells, the obdurate. even under erasure, the obdurate ure on
what then appear to be various plateaus. the installation, which
is at a kind of 'plateau,' and won't change for plateaus
disappeared, witnesses longer call witnesses, argue plateau
shallower worker gives game safe insomniac hold divided parcels
(keeping me alive) (against

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