[NetBehaviour] 'We Need to Talk About Accelerationism' debate on Netbehaviour & Neterarti starting Thursday 21st April////////////////

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Thu Apr 21 15:00:17 CEST 2016

In a slightly tangential relation to this discussion as part of the next 
EvenSalon: Either/Or on Sat. 30th at the Apiary in London we have two 
participants involved in arguments around Accelerationism.

Themed around Either/Or we're delighted to have presentations from David 
Cunningham of the Radical Philosophy collective/Univ. of Westminster, 
who wrote on 'Accelerationism and its discontents' and Daniel Rourke, 
co-founder of the Additivism Manifesto.

Full line up and details:




On 21/04/16 10:33, ruth catlow wrote:
> Hi Netbehaviourists,
> Welcome to the first day of 'We Need to Talk About Accelerationism' a 
> month of art, discussion and exchange here on Netbehaviour and 
> Neterarti (https://neterarti.furtherfield.org) (drop me a line if you 
> need an invitation to Neterarti- it's invitation only at the moment to 
> keep the spam at the gates).
> Our idea is that in depth discussion can take place here, and that 
> Neterarti provides the perfect platform for pithy punchy 
> accelerationist performance.
> Here is more info about why we think this is a worthwhile endeavour- 
> along with some context and readings.
> http://www.furtherfield.org/programmes/event/we-need-talk-about-accelerationism-0 
> This recent article by Rob Myers, is helpful in that it concisely 
> points to different uses of, and contexts for, the term 
> 'Accelerationism' along with a commentary about its relevance to 
> emancipatory practices in contemporary art . 
> http://www.furtherfield.org/features/articles/accelerationist-art
> As Marc said before, lots of people will have different ideas about 
> what Accelerationism means to them and this is one of the reasons for 
> this discussion taking place.
> Everyone is welcome to join in however makes sense to them.
> Let's go!
> Respect!
> Ruth
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Dr Jonathan Kemp

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