[NetBehaviour] Accelerationism

John Hopkins chazhop at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 21:01:00 CEST 2016

> "21. We declare that only a Promethean politics of maximal mastery over
> society and its environment is capable of either dealing with global


> it discovers only in the course of its acting, in a politics of geosocial
> artistry and cunning rationality. A form of abductive experimentation that
> seeks the best means to act in a complex world."

Good excerpt -- I couldn't manage the patience to drive through that whole 
manifesto -- I feel the answers do not need such bloviating -- & anyway, I've 
got to work on my water-harvesting landscaping, prune my grape vines, and turn 
my worm farm :-)

What is said there, I've been writing into a practice-based curriculum at 
http://ecosa.org -- the idea of systems-thinking approaches to holistic 
un-mastery of the biosphere that we are merely transitory parts of. I 
fundamentally do not like the concept of design, though, as it pre-supposes 
changing that which flows around us. Maybe an adaptive, consciousness-raised 
going-with-the-flow ... sensual improvisation that would include, perhaps, the 
removal of our selves from living viability. If this approach was wide-scale 
enough, the population drop would start the process of a post-human re-balancing 
of the planet's dynamic equilibrium.

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