[NetBehaviour] the wake

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Apr 24 23:44:15 CEST 2016

the wake


the keyboard is limited: one note at a time, no 'return' (i.e.
holding down C, then F, then releasing F, doesn't sound C
again), but the clack of fingers and nails on the keys, and the
_wake_ that the melodic leaves behind create imaginary envelopes
- as if there were a dynamics descending from the imaginary.

i've been thinking about _wakes_ - the wake of a human or other
organism moving through a space (gases, liquids, sounds, sights,
pressures - in short an expansion of schlieren optics through
electromagnatic, chemical, and acoustic spectra) -

how, for example, several notes of equal volume and no dynamics
beyond the usual onset/offset (an inexpensive keyboard here) can
create the sensation of musical shaping, almost a voice -

& as in a wake for dearest friends, in this deep and mournful -
our senses leave a wake in the world. boot-strapping occurs
throughout the wake among sentient beings; the re-mark of the
wake is history; the mark of the wake is death.

our alpsong dreams, sadly vanquished, lost in the wake of memory
... on the other side; in real life, === the residue the wake
was an === of === of the wake we leave behind us === of the wake
which disappears ===

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