[NetBehaviour] Accelerationism

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Apr 25 15:16:25 CEST 2016

A few pieces and others we did that might be germane -

Ennui - Azure singing and F and I dancing and playing as fast as possible 
for as long as possible - the piece usually bottoms out around ten 
minutes. (started around 2002)

Accessgrid pieces - in which we used a multi-channel linux conferencing 
system to bounce signals around the world creating video echos of speech/ 
sound/movement; the delays were on the order of 1/10th second. (around 

Early synthesizer work in which we used patchcords to overload video 
or audio synthesizers (including one we built) to create chaotic 
emergences (similar to 'animals' in turbulence) that we'd build on. 
(around 1970)

Foofwa's dancerun work performing marathon movements/vectors through 
cities dancing all the way followed by television crews and people who'd 
join and drop out. (past decade or two)

My own overloading work in virtual worlds creating anomalies and artifacts 
and zeroing in on them until the suicide crashes take place. (past few 

My audiotape piece involving a large stage, tape emerging from one machine 
at twice the speed the other's picking it up, with feedback loops - time 
gets drawn out, tape pools on the floor, things go out of control, 
performance stops. (1980 or so)

Stelarc's wiring/writing himself into the Net, nodal-Stelarc. (twenty 
years ago)

Chris Burden's early performance work heading towards the bring of 
catastrophe. (1970s)

Raves. Speedmetal. Current punk debris. Parkour.


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