[NetBehaviour] Even Salon: Anti-Natural online publication

jk j at xxn.org.uk
Fri Apr 29 20:27:28 CEST 2016

It is with great delight that we share with you this publication from
the first Even Salon, Anti-Natural, a compendium of contributions made
by the salon's 16 participants. This is a digital extension of the event
and is devoted to reprising and deepening those interventions made on
the night on the Anti-Natural theme to bring together contemporary
thought, art activism and digital work in a free to download Even Salon


Anti-Natural prompted invited artists and theorists into a range of
responses to notions on the production of the natural, where the human
imperative is the need to produce or change nature, to re-nature nature
in a salon event hosted at Apiary Studios, London, O7.11.2015


EvenSalon, London

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