[NetBehaviour] Review of STUNTS, Disruption Network Lab, Berlin 2015

furtherfield furtherfielder at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 16:29:17 CET 2016

The closing stunt of Disruption Network Lab, Berlin 2015.

By Pedro Marum.

After a full year of events focusing on several topics, from drones to
surveillance, cyberfeminism to hacktivism, or even the famous Technoviking
and a hot debate on the politics of the Porntubes, the Disruption Network
Lab wraps up 2015 with its event STUNTS, focusing on political stunts,
interventions, pranks and viralities. It was a year of great success for
the DNL and proof of that was a full house, in the middle of a cold Berlin
winter, full of people eager to take part of this last gathering on art
research, hacktivism and disruption.

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