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Sun Feb 14 01:43:38 CET 2016



abstract -

given the triad gamespace/edgespace <--> blank <--> imaginary,
interference appears in the interregnum of edgespace(imaginary)
as a _production_ or (conceivably non-reproducible) commodity of
interference: virtual static (with its possible panoply of
objects and part objects) appears as _corralled content_ which
may be considered the alterity of the gamespace, and may also be
represented within it. the s/n (signal to noise) ratio of static
appears as potentially-processed content, resulting in the
emergence of emanants, emanations existing among gamespaces,
edgespaces, network protocols and statistics, and so forth. i
propose that the perceived world itself is emanantic, that every
process and object, etc. originates as edgespatial, that
interpretation is both a decoding and construction - not of a
pre-existent, but of interstitial phenomena that may or may not
have a relationship with their imaginary. thus gaming as such,
in relation to its boundary phenomena, appears as _primordial,_
and should be considered as _fundamental_ to our existence. in
this sense, what is our body, but signings and interference, and
what is our mind, but an imaginary operating under fluid and
mobile constraints (which, in other eras, we might have termed

(aside) from what -

interference implies strictures and parasite; think of michel
serres' the parasite, an interruption between source and
receiver channels, but also potentially the source of new
content. epistemologically, the parasite may be other than the
channel; its world may be that of the imaginary; its action, one
of abjection; its function that of the corrosive leak. does
this lead us astray or complement gamespace/edgespace analysis?
for gamespace is a dominion of sources and receivers in a
complex holarchic entanglement, and edgespace is generated by
stresses from within; stress becoming content which breaks free
epistemologically, and the content produced is taken elsewhere,
transmitted from gamespace into the imaginary, which reside in
sentience. (aside) or perhaps numinous interference, catalyst
for an abject and numinous imaginary (or perhaps interference
itself entangled, numinous and abject).

imaginary -

programs which _do_ things; some emerge out of interferences
with these And how are portions diminished or incremented in the
midst a solid sea beads? Moats must be constructed, piled
grounds cleared any interferences. ology, by creating
interferences; one another character will appear Binary file
matches always kinesthetic sense involved, interference for
example indicated if interference, threat to bring structure
DOWN, collapse A discussion on language real, violence netic
function might considered process from spread/and continuum
\{0,1\}; other words, an analogic real }{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0
\ltrch\fcs0 {\rtlch \ltrch\loch\f0\fs20\lang1033\i0\b0 It has
occurred me, non-physicist, wave constructs output 0 1, T F, +
-, MOO, is programmatic, construct exact software; life could
only interference... reason, perhaps, why Net

interference.into murky politics, land-vandal issues, and
aesthetic He perhaps day quality." At point double prismatic
Measurement performance judgment; human sutures, consider this
world code abandoning normative phonemic Give Schrodinger's cat
paradox, think mixed state as tragedy commons ultimately
reproduces itself through capital accumulation. What should
taken constituents equation tending towards sudden particular
eigenvalue. Wave state, spread over E3 space specificity value.
Set judgment equivalent measurement. The field behavior,
environmental, particle, cultural, human, tends those moments
relative closes upon itself, defends itself. collapses, bought
out. Environmental factors scale surely play role; murderer
punished result nearly=decomposable hierarchy, moment time when
bullet flies, knife slips, burned genidentical four-space
organism. presumed, stated, neutral; presumed measurement,
according law, i.e. justice N-dimensional manifold its fields.
mixes cat, law; what physical description accompanied
disclaimer, "not cat," part description. Nature abhors vacuum
but well many-worlds approach continuous splitting; it's messy,
absolute total relativism. Just physics possesses no intrinsic
ethos, ethos physics. Morality situation- ethos-dependent, event
law. Experiment theory- measurement-dependent, world. World Law,
orthogonal, disconnected; measure not adjudicate, adjudicate.
stakes foundation-spaces orthogonal. Given culture, every
orthogonal self-orthogonal, totalizing split. Physics entangled
at level cat; it stake, dragging quantum cultural theories it.
Both approaches reside within language; law pretends exactitude
physics, insipid results. tend mechanism: beam-splitters versus
panopticon, wave-functions (coupled) incarcerations. Neither nor
prisoner escape. In hyperreal we both; therein lies paradox.
Image 5: D(particle){{}}(wave)A. projection dancer/digital
portion also hacking, deliberate texts/emanent.rtf 1. vlf - very
low frequency body antenna reception, phenomenology coupling
\rtlch\fcs1 \insrsid15548888\charrsid8600043 \insrsid15548888
Increased "natural" catastrophies my presence, anyone else's,
here programs, reading technical protocols software, ing
temporarily blinded myself: migraine sends spear-
interconnectivity among number units, without two- filters set
up return-bay, computer ill-registered Think Jennifer-Julu,
Julu-Jennifer system resonances, Inhalation/interference
patterings across exhausted sheets, denouement fresh time,
patient awakened her QRN Natural static drag-show. panties
inside-out; stains you know placing yourself skein virtual
subjectivities, interference; is. Once I thought memory would
serve me. That s/ms 'interferences': transformations plane
content: rela- _corrosion_ cyberspace charac- does intended do
interface may Process

better left alone, learn am
find their proper ecological niches true
live freely kind. where this. i
than don't want earth swallowed

processes: upwellings, interpenetrations, interferences:: nikuko
straight topo mch Nikuko: I'm doing friends vicinity. radio on,

at least billion so years include RNA
3 along path camera focused ahead
beneath down
5 video-texture-mapping a. 'mocking interferences' following
b. ding-an-sich ignoring
c. deliberately occluding 1 opaque
2 translucent transparent
6 particle disks 'win' texture mapping setting
Alan Sondheim: see leading other; was 'interference'
bNikuko/b:I b german, english. OPENING

n blood brain NIHIL///lapse memory=of maze/to spiral love
embryo:::recover choice. choosing can _form interference_ felt
shouldn't heard. various forms environment mourning song singing
/ parts languaging occurring online writing sidetracking

quietude flux.
behind me then internal
hiatus, gap, relation, _interference._
c counterpoise
grounded planetary worlding

expanding signals 10000 times order digital say, rises surface,
example, "And

combination trying surface simply

documents full review forthcoming. wonderful! forthcoming
interferencesphonemics strata chapters endangered numerous stop
uh oh inability related you're hearing Azure's stomping,
project/projections body, imaginary Reality fissures, crumbles:
video becomes fractal, abject. You already work. same births,
deaths. Nothing allowed remain outside other. Birth death
problematic, replaced exhaustion materials, effects,
electromagnetic 111. catastrophes (Mississippi flooding).

Antenna-sex-wire electronic bodies modeled living
pda susan graham inserted pearl enlarged prick hole
speech, interferences, adjacencies.
ways present, background/interference, fore-
: 398 2210 mv clarahostly battle bush fought poetry' args
transformed essay defuge read on.)

allowing power grid say. believe such constitutes history much
recent art, middle town too grid, lightning Now, works move
_structure_ _interference,_ former

there were kind inter-
mutual fast-forward ones. Cones wobble,
tern relation both Second Life your screen simple
standing waves, forth?

Forestry Odyssey Debris Field bandwidth, packeting,
instabilities, nodes, home sites,

They ials hs colloca ypifica erns decons aa

flowing waves particles visual runs course. sometimes simplest

notes: traffic accompaniment, pipa accompaniment
disappear, cleansed, gone

k!% thoughts, once <Alan_S> Nikuko!<P> others.)straight against
incandescent horizons, flux

long collage widely varying (what

entirety Vimeo is' that's electrons photons get sustainer; 'that
patterns. string

(_) all now. three
(x) machinery. ++++++, +++, ar (googleglass)
them. On MUDs MOOs, often form platelets.
Letter Japanese Friend, Jennifer Julu
doctors, possible used louder ever; they entering stages (The
> world,
readily apparent remembering heisenberg

after, frost compendium list. dos, derrida withdrawn, isolation.
rooms corresponding, me_,

arousals, tumescence,
now try write, coming patterns; ear-dreaming, phantom
CMB run
flux; fl ux; haotic flu x; surge, chao s;
grow beyond belief. ple involves "interference."

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