[NetBehaviour] Museum of Contemporary Commodities - artist commissions

ruth catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Thu Feb 18 18:16:15 CET 2016

Having worked in close proximity to MoCC, I know that this will be a 
great experience for the artists on this project.

Check out the images from MoCC's Free Market event at Furtherfield 
Gallery last Summer

And here is a blog post by Graham about his experience of the data walkshop

: )

On 18/02/16 12:58, Paula Crutchlow wrote:
> Hello everyone
> After my epic post a few months ago about MoCC, here is a bit 
> information about a couple of commissions that hopefully might be 
> interesting to a few people.
> Accompanied by a lovely photo of the central shopping area in Exeter 
> :) http://www.moccguide.net/artist-commissions-with-mocc/
> We'd love to have a remote working process for this, as well as some 
> more specifically located work. Please feel free to email me with any 
> questions.
> I've also updated info about the project on the site giving more 
> specifics on what we're making this April-May 2016.
> Thanks
> Paula

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