[NetBehaviour] Changing the Image of Finance: Furtherfield in Residence at The Photographers' Gallery.

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Changing the Image of Finance: Furtherfield in Residence at The
Photographers' Gallery.

Date: SAT 5 - SUN 6 March 2016
Venue: The Photographers' Gallery, London
Links: http://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/furtherfield-in-residence

What do we find when we search our minds and the web for images of money
and finance?

Join Ruth Catlow to create a new mood board for future finance & Brett
Scott @Suitpossum to build the Activist Bloomberg

Coins and banknotes, trading floors with angry men shouting into phones,
skyscrapers and stock charts.

The financial sector remains alienating and opaque to many people. We often
struggle to think about how it works and how money moves. Making the
invisible world of global finance visible and accessible is an urgent task
and there are now many projects that are attempting to do just that.

Join us at The Photographers’ Gallery to build the ‘Activist Bloomberg
terminal’ and to contribute to a mood board of future money.

Get involved in a weekend of image play, jargon-busting discussion, hacking
and hands-on-exercises, to find out how we might unveil the financial
sector. Together we will get involved with activities from open data
mapping and visualisation, photography to computer games and digital art
installation pieces to explore how money might be accurately represented in
an era of digital payment via offshore tax havens.

This is part of Furtherfield's Art Data Money programme of art shows labs
and debates to build a commons for arts in the network age.

The Bloomberg Terminal is an expensive system that major banks use to get
raw data and financial information. The Terminal is out of reach to most
ordinary people, but can we create an open-source and open-access
alternative Bloomberg to collect, distribute and visualise critical data on
high finance? Let's try!

Saturday 10.30 – 11.30: Brett Scott provides a recap of the first lab*
Open to all, an excellent introduction to the weekend activities.

Saturday 11.30 – 18:00 & Sunday 11:00 – 13:00: Discussions, guided group
research, exercises and hands-on activities to familiarise yourself with
finance and to build an 'activist Bloomberg terminal'.
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