[NetBehaviour] ipseity, insistence, hollow

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Feb 25 09:30:05 CET 2016

ipseity, insistence, hollow


[11:39 PM]  Disconnected from in-world Voice Chat
[11:46 PM]  Alan Sondheim: what
[11:46 PM]  Alan Sondheim: it was pointed out to me today that my 
here is one of solitary confinement
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: ]]][and there's nothing i can do about it
because there's no leverage
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: there's no leverage because there's no 
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: without that, there's no against
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: the against is at best motility
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: therefore i exist as a mobile object
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: capable of small maneuvers
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: as if there were an existent dependent on 
[11:47 PM]  Alan Sondheim: instead of this, of this nothing.
[11:48 PM]  Alan Sondheim: there is nothing more to say
[11:48 PM]  Alan Sondheim: and there is no one to hear it.
[11:48 PM]  Alan Sondheim: ipseity is always dependent
[11:48 PM]  Alan Sondheim: and the body is always left hanging.

dict ipseity
No definitions found for "ipseity"

that negation is a token; that ipseity struggles with the angel;
the ipseity of sight - burned its way through the flesh -
cuneiform, ipseity lost in overwhelming detail, there is no
mean; what is meant here and now; ipseity; that negation is a
token; that ipseity struggles with the angel; ipseity, we're
that itself to an ipseity that is questionable, what does one
'point to' in I am lost in the ipseity of my freedom, confused
about beings (there ipseity relegates ipseity questionable.
'point to' diffusion obviates, extends, ,,,

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