[NetBehaviour] Transmediale 2016: Necessary Conversations Off-the-Cloud

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Transmediale 2016: Necessary Conversations Off-the-Cloud

Marc Garrett writes about strategies for solidarity discussed in the
Off-the-Cloud-Zone at this year's Conversation Pieces at Transmediale
festival 2016.

"Last year’s festival explored the marketing of big data in the age of
social control. This year, the chosen format was entitled
conversationpiece, with the aim of enabling a series of dialogues and
participatory setups to talk about the most burning topics in post-digital
culture today. To give it grounding and historical context the theme was
pinned to the “backdrop of different processes of social transformation,
17th and 18th century European painters perfected the group portrait
painting known as the “Conversation Piece” in which the everyday life of
the aristocracy was depicted in ideal scenes of common activity.” In recent
years the festival has scafolded its panels, workshops and keynotes to
grand, central themes to guide its peers and visitors, along with a
large-scale curated exhibition. If we view the four interconnected thematic
streams- Anxious to Act, Anxious to Make, Anxious to Share and Anxious to
Secure - we might guess that the festival curators are also anxious to save
all the resources (and celebrations) for next year, which is after all,
Transmediale's 30th birthday. So, I was curious to see how my brief time
here would unfold..."

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