[NetBehaviour] Publishing Talks: David Wilk talks to James Sherry of Segue Foundation

Edward Picot edward at edwardpicot.com
Mon Feb 29 19:30:27 CET 2016

I've been following David Wilk's 'Publishing Talks' podcasts for three 
or four years now: they're always worth a listen and every now and again 
he comes up with something really interesting. People like Alan Sondheim 
may already know of James Sherry - he's a computer programmer who has 
been involved in poetry publishing in his spare time since the 1980s, 
and he has links with groups/movements such as 
and Flarf. The interview is here: 

Incidentally, at one point he refers to the fact that the 'conceptual 
school of writing' had become very celebrated in the last few years, 
especially in the person of Kenny Goldsmith, 'and then it imploded, with 
events that we know about last year'. I didn't know anything about this, 
but poking around online I gather that it's probably a reference to 
Goldsmith reading out the autopsy of Michael Brown, an African-American 
teenager who was shot and killed by a white police officer in 2014, as a 
poem entitled 'The Body of Michael Brown'. He did this in March 2015 at 
Brown University, and it kicked up a big controversy, including 
accusations of racism against Goldsmith because he, a white man, had 
appropriated the autopsy of a black boy and re-used it as a poem. I can 
quite see how this might cause offence, although I must say I would 
count myself as an admirer of Goldsmith, both as an experimental writer 
and as the founder of UbuWeb, which is a fantastic resource.

- Edward
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