[NetBehaviour] OK - so now it's 2016

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jan 5 15:09:29 CET 2016

Wonderful and hopeful post as well, and let's hope for a really creative 
year, perhaps the level of aggression around the world will decrease...

love to everyone, and thanks to everyone so much for this list and 

- Alan

On Tue, 5 Jan 2016, marc garrett wrote:

> Hi Netbehaviourists,
> For many, 2015 was a terrible year in many ways.
> Close friends and family can help us through tough times. However, it?s also
> important to recognize those others whom make like worth living also,
> offering quality in life and hope.
> I propose that many on this list have been just brilliant doing their thing
> in diverse ways. And yes, it gives me hope, alongside working with some
> amazing soulful individuals and groups over the years and recently.
> So thank you,
> Thank you too all those who?ve trusted who we are, and been with us for a long
> period of time and also those of you who?ve recently joined us, and wish to
> carry on collaborating in building something special that challenges the
> usual top-down, elite systems across art culture, techno-culture and
> academia.
> We may not be perfect, but we're trying our best and it has not been easy as
> many of you know. Yet, we always actively try and take on what people have
> said, whatever position, class, race or gender. Unlike some other groups out
> there, we've stuck to our guns while also adapting, and remaining grounded
> whilst being fresh and relevant. In fact, we?ve managed to continue a strong
> dedication to our shared values, humanity and respect for the world we live
> in, and our artistic contexts, ethics and socially informed intentions, in
> spite of the everyday pressures of neo-liberalism.
> So, as long as you?re all still here doing what you do with us, there?s hope and
> reason for us to continue?
> Wishing you all well.
> Let's see this how this year unfolds :-)
> marc

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