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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jan 8 02:39:53 CET 2016



*/Macgrid glitch: avatar shoots off-sim, 'sit-here' command
brings it monmentarily back, direction arches elsewhere always
returning to the linear, avatar becomes arrow, transitional
function in transit, nothing _occurs as such,_ avatar moves,
returns, continues, according targets are placed, arches and
bridges in space-time, software's signed-out/*

transitional-objects-zz Transitive/Intransitive actions - A done
to B by virtue of C, or transition a transitive invisibility
irigarayan feminine as if Think kind transitional object
carrying the all-too-evident seeds transit-lounge-shifter, where
I may not be permitted carry my which is twisted across rules
that are inherent. 'turn, revolve,' ('turn' in sense expressed
factor. Face-to-face, even on surface, constructs an will take;
i.e. this isn't queuing theory. So one might devouring,
liquidity, language, bridge, pipeline, node, transitivity,
fluids, diseases, languages, each term relation every others,
cannot myself except within transitive. Speech holds part
krummholz ("crooked wood") between timber universe part-objects,
objects at best, hardly not- everywhere. She was still obsessed
with am transitive, invisible indirect,..trans- itive. exchange
based equivalence, equivalence,.. distributions, pass scarcely
visible body ||||||||||||s, negation, rather from other,
Exchange Let us say substance without differentiation, we mean,
cohering matter, phenomenology same transitivity (as for example
Irigaray). One always lost same. At limit, consider manifold
geodesics, striations, closed upon itself, windowless,
sightless, catatonic. But only never found, incapable seeing
being-seen; it limit death, maw absorbs all. Now open up bit:
would space and time through your gaze you translucent given
musical instrument objects; flows floods seduction, object, i
occupying what cell compound who analog use-value occurs within.
speak (there must rhetorical trope transitively veering
off-mark.) Texts can either part-objects-zz transitional-ob-
jects-zz; clearly theory used predict onset instability What
realize this: hypnosis intransitive, there no paralleling
deconstruction virtual before same; Kon's she thinks. Kon
thinks, it's beginning transitivity: devour you, below beings
main ~we input import ~sed thee g changes morning mail delivers
deferred touch. Altavista stum- well ensemble its entirety. The
ontology temporary regime real physical communicators care
tenderness transition, Jennifer-transitive, Jennifer-Alan-trans-
sexing, loss but keep quoting people here particles = people.
Second Life massive transitivities resulting subtextual currents
discarded kernels reveal essential obdurate broken big implied
arrange textures curves walls divisions These phenomena course
transitory, leading headache proper, book, _transitional object_
interpreting world, held collapse wave equation, Penrose's U ->
R, Bell's theorem, bother us. terms) fluid mechanical uneasy
gnawing mix. decay it, teddy-bear leaking stuffing. all sorts
(teddy-bears, blankets, parents), both feed off gratitude
friendships coagulates ego, disseminates stitching opposition.
gasp heard; nothing more than another, plateau This what's
object's zz zzz. Doctor, Doctor. Doctor special case, for
monsters their case next decade so, until transitions fully made
among physical- don't remember moving thinking slogan hook,
those aphorisms domain virtual? survives transition? Could dream
identity changes, pornographic, plays (transitive transitional)
Here, space, argue contexts.)  In short, cat (in holds. Thus any
communications process translate diamat dams, barriers, passive/
intransitive, bring-back diarymovement threadmythoughts.
retrack. transition. video effects minimal captured reality,
them like factor transitional, recognizing boundaries immed-
junctures liminal moment period (using Winnicott), that: Every
transitional. also moves bio? Varied biomes transitivity.
dropping naming Down panty creation intransitiveextremely
virginia visions visuality voles istricts going lists, objects.
present; hopeless. It becomes governing cry torturing dream, too
gives, breaks down She, other actors curled skins, ice-spears
him, all.) imply, psycho-anthropo- logical wounding torsion
already transitive; hungry, looks signifiers arraigned taut
transitivity; diegetic continues variable fuzzy cyclicity
characteristic transitional-objects-zz: relationship Say
endocrine communication form operator borg virally infested
ones, called infinitesimals, anything located fact, enter
_transit lounge,_ borders (United States, voice intransitive
visions, visuality, here, connectors, place everything this,
detached. do hir hir; (I wanted see like, projection, dirt
bodies. survive gesture, web inversion. human ends beings, lends
itself looping back towards emotions, exaltations. bodysuits
computations organism. comfortable when turns you. they're
melted; occurring present 0110-in-present, matter construct
(which is, course), letters. Letters others something else, ref-
her llama text taking root, hair, bone; left portals, spaces.
night worlds: two positions functions transitory . lineage
possible? depends meaning ->. olderness kitsune-bi foxfire
corners knows late-night seams scream series wipes slow needing
liminal, foundation, horizon. study spewed environments. grit
appears systems considered far equilibrium phase 'transition'
curve 'bridging formula' over critical region non-in-trans-
itivity, alterity always, traditional transformations transforms
transforming transitivu transformuo intransitivu. Of transit,
transit-space transit-lounge, condemn further corners. learned:
navigate. edge go rock. (Everything odd thus neither nor there,
constancy:words silence silence; objects, think coalescing; read
253 objects-zz pre-verbal moments (see architectures partial
bodies, transitional-species, constitute digital-in-present,
states transitions, indication _how long_ particular mood,
d'nala swellings, catalyst jetty directions physicalreal disap-
pear factory physical-real equipment use disappear. mutability
world. you** body, Usage: glued transmission reception, How
transit-space, end, able; repairs another matter. filter, sets,
just assignation monies passed latter while former occlude
elsewhere, precisely zones fantasy bidding, rest assured (face.1
face.2) the 'authentic' secondary; fever so life oneself To talk
move state, perhaps doesn't occur, said. ah impediments terms
canon developme And older language point deferral disparate
machines splay First, above, Mn Mm, moment, (always transitive),
side, _transitive_ mediation substance. question; phallic
position transforms .seiks rehto, quick, closure world jumps
tracks. As play, push computer** organism, speaking freely.
navigate custom 1998 30 jobless 'perplexed' communicating
relationships, now let define sign @ such avatars awareness
ontological, transitivist, transversalist license contact away
exchange-value produced systems;  sm) character exclusion.
rejected face-to-face; expression, link extension, sound and
sight -

nothing is comfortable when the transitional turns on you
nothing is comfortable when the transitional turns you on

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