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In addition to our arts programme, Access Space is hosting a free live
quadrophonic event this Saturday with Kaffe Matthews, Shelly Knotts +
Holger Ballweg and Yaxu.
It is part of a wider set of events, Hack the City - Marine & Waterways
Culture Edition. See below for details.

Access Space, 3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK

Tel: 0114 249 5522


Kaffe Matthews / Shelly Knotts + Holger Ballweg / Yaxu

16th Jan 2016, from 7:30pm, no door tax

A free evening of quadrophonic performances at Access Space Sheffield,
extra special surround sound performances from:

* Kaffe Matthews (http://www.kaffematthews.net/)
* Shelly Knotts + Holger Ballweg (https://shellyknotts.wordpress.com/ +
* and resident Yaxu (http://yaxu.org/)

Doors open at 7:30pm for an 8pm sharp start, with headline performance Love
Shark by Kaffe Matthews (details below). This first performance will be
limited capacity so arrive early to avoid disappointment. From there we
will have some live coding from Shelly, Holger and Yaxu of
an Algorave flavour (www.facebook.com/algoravers).

All performances will be in quadrophonic surround, powered by Dangernoise.

In collaboration with the University of Leeds, Hack the City, MundoJumbo,
the Better with Data society and the University of Sheffield, this event is
part of a wider programme including a talk from Kaffe Matthews and two days
of hacking on marine and waterways data - see here for more info and to
join in!

Love Shark - Kaffe Matthews
Sharks are older than dinosaurs. They have evolved with the planet
developing extraordinary perceptive mechanisms, and have learnt to navigate
in straight lines by tracing the shifts in the earth's magnetic crust at
depths as great as 400m. They are still considered violent aggressors and
continue to be slaughtered in vast numbers just for their fins to make
soup. The truth is that a shark has to be one of the most sophisticated and
beautiful of animals.

Love Shark is a new four channel solo by Kaffe Matthews in which she duets
with 6 oscillators driven by 6 hammerhead sharks whose journeys were
recorded north of Wolf Island, Galapagos April 2009. Matthews dived with,
recorded underwater and filmed hammerheads whilst on a month's residency on
the Galapagos islands 2009. She later worked with shark scientists who gave
her this shark hunting journey data. Her 3D sound installation, You might
come out of the water every time singing has shown in Liverpool, Edinburgh,
Lisbon and the St Pieters Caves, Maastricht.

Software instrument collaboration and programming Adam Parkinson.

Check http://www.kaffematthews.net/sharks for more details.



All the best

Jake Harries, Director of Arts and Innovation
www.access-space.org  +44(0)114 249 5522
@accessspace facebook.com/accessspace
3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK
jake at access-space.org
The arts programme at Access Space is supported
using public funding by Arts Council England
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