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Hoax highlights failures of military approaches to terrorism

Photos, video, and talk text: www.yeslab.org/parliament
Contact: info at theyesmen.org

Today in the European Parliament in Brussels, a "defense and security
consultant" (actually Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men, working together with
Greek MEP Stelios Kouloglou) (http://yeslab.org/parliament-talk) presented
an "industrial solution to terrorism" which—unlike all other military and
security solutions—is guaranteed to actually work

During the presentation, Bichlbaum described the failures of military
action, drone operations, assassinations, surveillance, and policing to
reduce terrorism in any way—before presenting the "solution" (
http://yeslab.org/parliament-media): a fully-defended orb called the
"ENDURAsphere," that gives well-heeled citizens the ability to outlast any
terrorist attack. The audience, which included media, members of the
public, and several MEPs, asked over 10 minutes' worth of questions.

"This hoax was about highlighting that there really is no solution to
terrorism within the defense and security paradigm," said Bichlbaum.
"Military 'solutions' backfire badly."

Bichlbaum wore a colonial-era moustache (http://yeslab.org/parliament-media).
"Any 'solution' to terrorism that doesn't take colonial history into
account is bound to fail completely," said Bichlbaum. "From the parcelling
of the Middle East after WWI to the invasion of Iraq by the US, there are
reasons things are as they are."

Speaking to press after the event, MEP Kouloglou (
https://www.google.be/search?q=MEP+Stelios+Kouloglou) highlighted some
actual solutions to terrorism. "Bombing is a recruiting tool for ISIS," he
said. "If we want to undermine terrorists, we need to end the war in Syria,
welcome Middle Eastern refugees, and marginalize extremists by establishing
better relationships with moderate forces in Islam. We also need to better
integrate the youth of our most disadvantaged communities."

Today's hoax, part of a Charlie Hebdo commemoration organized by Kouloglou
together with MEP Martin Sonneborn (
https://www.google.be/search?q=MEP+Martin+Sonneborn), represents the first
action of its sort to take place within the European Parliament. It's also
the first time the Yes Men have collaborated with any national
representatives to develop an action.
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