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INTERRUPTIONS: Between You and Me at Furtherfield Commons
- http://bit.ly/1NHaIR1

Discussion event with presentation and film screening. (free lunch)

Interruptions is a new research project by The Bad Vibes Club commissioned
by Field Broadcast. Interruptions will present a new history of
interruption as an artistic practice, focusing on British artists' film,
video, moving image and digital art.

Join The Bad Vibes Club (Sam Mercer and Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau) for
an afternoon of presentations, discussions and films about interruption and
its relationship to art practice and contemporary culture.

Sam and Matt will begin by presenting the I nterruptions project. This will
be followed by an open discussion of interruptions in response to the
project, with a vegetarian lunch provided by The Bad Vibes Club. The
afternoon will end with a film screening of some interruptive works.

12 midday ­Introduction to Interruptions by The Bad Vibes Club
1pm ­ Discussion (with free lunch)
3pm ­ Film screening


The Bad Vibes Club will produce public moments of research throughout the
Interruptions project in the form of a continually updated tumblr , videos
and multimedia research published at fieldbroadcast.org , and discussions
and screening events at Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster Arts, MK Gallery,
Furtherfield and Open School East.

Interruptions will culminate in a new series of broadcasts by The Bad Vibes
Club in May 2016 using the Field Broadcast app.

The Bad Vibes Club is a research project into morbid ethics and the
productive possibilities of negative states. For Interruptions, the artists
Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau and Sam Mercer, will be working as The Bad
Vibes Club.

Field Broadcast is a live broadcast project connecting artists, audiences
and obscure locations through the portal of the computer desktop. Field
Broadcast has developed through the practice of, and is run by, artists
Rebecca Birch and Rob Smith.

Interruptions is supported by Arts Council England, with thanks to Peter
Scott Gallery, Lancaster Arts, MK Gallery, Furtherfield, Open School East,
Nottingham Trent University, LUX and the British Artists' Film and Video
Study Collection.
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