[NetBehaviour] #PostRefArt

Steven Ball steven at steven-ball.net
Sat Jul 2 20:19:35 CEST 2016

I’m posting this to following a brief conversation with Anita McKeown, Ruth, and Marc. 

The ramifications for life in the UK after the EU referendum are still very unclear. Parliamentary politics is in meltdown and the direction of travel for future government seems to be further right, the economy is looking precarious, meanwhile a toxic wave of overt public racist violence is spreading across the country. It is tempting to think that we are entering a disturbingly illiberal dystopia. Artists cannot sit by or remain in a bubble while this happens, the necessity of responding to this situation is urgent, but what can we do, what are we doing?

The purpose of this discussion is twofold:
- Firstly and most simply to make connections, to share information about what we are doing in response as part of our practice, to share news and information of any exhibitions or opportunities to produce public responses to the current situation.
- Secondly to speculate how we might produce and present work that responds to the current situation, what is the nature of that work, who does it address, and where will it be exhibited.

We invite and welcome your action, thoughts, and ideas.

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