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Music Hackspace / Upcoming Workshops July and August 2016

SuperCollider with Les Hutchins
Wednesday 13th July 7 pm to 9 pm @MachinesRoom
Using SuperCollider for installations. Raspberry Pi, recovering from crashes, and interacting with physical devices in SuperCollider. You will need your own computer (OSX / Windows/ Linux), and a pair of headphones.
http://musichackspace.org/events/supercollider-with-les-hutchins-sound-unfolded-workshops-2016/ <http://musichackspace.org/events/supercollider-with-les-hutchins-sound-unfolded-workshops-2016/>

µFM  - Hybrid analogue and digital MicroFM radio broadcast workshop for raspberry pi. 
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July 2016, 11 am to 7 pm @LimeWharf
With Rybn http://www.rybn.org <http://www.rybn.org/>
Learn how to set up a local FM radio broadcast with a raspberry pi, and use digital techniques of reception with RTL-SDR. Following the Π-Node experiments [https://www.p-node.org <https://www.p-node.org/>], this workshop proposes to explore the use of RTL-SDR antennas. A Raspberry Pi will be transformed in a radio transmitter, using the GPIO 4 and the PiFM software. Participants will use and connect those tools and techniques, in order to create a chain of radio data relays, and trying ultimately to subvert it by various means (radio interferences, sound transformation, data capture and text substitution, etc…).
http://musichackspace.org/events/on-the-hybridisation-of-digital-communication-networks-and-analog-radio-protocols-artist-talk-with-rybn-org/ <http://musichackspace.org/events/on-the-hybridisation-of-digital-communication-networks-and-analog-radio-protocols-artist-talk-with-rybn-org/>

DIY Modular Synth Making with Befaco
Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August 2016, 11 am to 7 pm @LimeWharf
Build your own synth modules on eurorack format. We provide all the necessary components to build your device from scratch. Each participant builds her/his own machine during the workshop.
http://musichackspace.org/events/befaco-modular-synth-workshop-27th-and-28th-august-2016/ <http://musichackspace.org/events/befaco-modular-synth-workshop-27th-and-28th-august-2016/>

These workshops are part of #SoundUnfolded #ACE funded. 

#SoundUnfolded is a workshop series that brings together action-based ideas about sound. It proposes an exploration of the relationships we can establish with sound through the act of making. To patch, to code, to reveal, to sonify. Modular synths, audio synthesis, the electromagnetic spectrum, the transmission of sound and the digital. Curated by Susanna Garcia.

The Music Hackspace programme is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Best wishes
Susanna Garcia
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