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You know Ruth I'd completely forgotten about your text -so much water under so many bridges -it's lovely and I re-read it with huge pleasure! Thank-you once again!michael

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 If you need cheering up, watch these : )
 I wrote about the Operas back in 2003
 Still brilliant!
 : D
 On 10/07/16 12:02, Michael Szpakowski wrote:
 In 2003 I put out a call for opera libretti of exactly 100 words, 5 of which I then developed into internet resident tiny operas, 
 with performances by a chorus of primary school students and with the principals sung by local FE students.
 The format in which I made them, shockwave movies, is increasingly unreliable nowadays 
 so I am converting them all into videos and re-posting them here
 and on my own website. If you're interested the original project is here:
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