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Edward Picot julian.lesaux at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 16:23:21 CEST 2016

Wonderful! I'd forgotten how good these were/are, even though I've got 
them on a disc on my shelf. I played them to my father-in-law, Jack 
Hindmarsh (now deceased), who was a church organist and a music teacher, 
and he really enjoyed them. Looking at them again, I found myself 
thinking 'Oh, this is the best one' as I came to each of them in turn, a 
bit like you do with the tracks on a really good album you haven't heard 
for ages.

I love the mixture of different techniques and materials used in the 
them - hi-tech and lo-tech cobbled together - and, as Ruth says, the 
unexpectedness of the subjects. And just the sheer exuberant 
inventiveness of the whole thing!

- Edward

On 10/07/16 12:02, Michael Szpakowski wrote:
> In 2003 I put out a call for opera libretti of exactly 100 words, 5 of 
> which I then developed into internet resident tiny operas,
> with performances by a chorus of primary school students and with the 
> principals sung by local FE students.
> The format in which I made them, shockwave movies, is increasingly 
> unreliable nowadays
> so I am converting them all into videos and re-posting them here
> https://www.flickr.com/photos/szpako/albums/72157670738115225
> and on my own website. If you're interested the original project is here:
> http://www.somedancersandmusicians.com/5operas.html
> cheers
> michael
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