[NetBehaviour] Workshop on Software Defined Radio - Musichackspace - 16, 17 july 2016 - London

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Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July 2016,
11 am to 7 pm @LimeWharf*
*µFM  - Hybrid analogue and digital MicroFM radio broadcast workshop for
raspberry pi
During the last past years, the radio world has witnessed the rise of
numerous initiatives related to the hybridization of traditional radio
means with digital standards and systems, nourishing and renewing the
classic radio-amateur practises and approaches /such as pirate satellite
brazilian radios. [1.] /But even if technical protocols such as Software
Defined Radio (SDR), streaming and p2p decentralized practices have
opened new perspectives, it is mostly the recent new political
approaches of radio, such as Kogawa’s MicroFMor the Telecomix Internet
radio initiative [3.] that have unveiled new exciting territories.
Nowadays, radio is -in its digital transformation, far from the
unidirectional relationship with the listener of the FM band. It is open
to very local broadcast and wild transmissions over large spectrum,
carrying both sounds and data, and offering to rethink its architecture
on the principles of rhizomatic and meshed networks.Following the Π-Node
experiments [4.], this workshop proposes to explore the use of RTL-SDR
antennas, primary conceived for TNT television reception [/dongle based
on the RTL2832U chipset [5.]/and subverted to the reception of various
signals from the radio spectrum from 20MHz to 2000MHz.The antenna will
be receiving waves of data messages, encoded through Minimodem [6.]. A
Raspberry Pi will be transformed in a radio transmitter, using the GPIO
4 and the PiFM software [/7.//]/Participants will use and connect those
tools and techniques, in order to create a chain of radio data relays,
and trying ultimately to subvert it by various means (radio
interferences, sound transformation, data capture and text substitution,

*Monday 18th July 2016,
7pm to 10pm ***@LimeWharf
*On the hybridisation of digital communication networks and analog radio
This talk aims to introduce a few chosen actual digital radio
infrastructures, networks and initiatives in the perspective of artistic
practices. Starting with the very beginning of the amateur radio
movements that have emerged with the radio itself, the talk will also
cross roads with the birth of offshore pirate radios, the movement of
radio libres and their connection with the minitel in Paris and Bologna,
Max Neuhaus, John Cage and the experimental uses of radio in sound arts,
optical network of data transmission in Czech Republic, the Frei Funk
movement in Germany, micronations and data heavens. The talk will end
with a presentation of various actual approaches of radio, from the
realms of miniFM to the communication networks of high-frequency trading.


/[1. //http://www.wired.com/2009/04/fleetcom/?currentPage=all//] //
//[//2. //http://anarchy.translocal.jp/radio/micro/o//]//
//[3. //http://telecomix.org///] //
//[4. //https://www.p-node.org//]//
//[//5//. //http://www.rtl-sdr.com/about-rtl-sdr/] ]//
//[6. //http://www.whence.com/minimodem///]//
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