[NetBehaviour] The Home Within: YAMA and Ngurra Kurlu

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The Home Within: YAMA and Ngurra Kurlu

By Steve Jampijimpa Patrick

In this special feature Steve Jampijimpa Patrick writes about "YAMA" the
Warlpiri word for a shadow, or reflection. A word that signifies the nature
of existence in Australian Aboriginal Culture, YAMA is also the name given
to the multimedia installation made by artists from the Warnayaka Arts
Centre with Napanangka (Gretta Louw) for the Networking the Unseen
exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery.


The Networking the Unseen exhibition
The first exhibition of its kind to focus on the intersection of indigenous
cultures and zeitgeist digital practices in art, bringing together concepts
and experiences of remoteness and marginalised cultures, with art-making in
contemporary society. Featuring Gretta Louw, Lily Hibberd, Brook Andrew,
Curtis Taylor, Jenny Fraser, Sharon Nampijinpa Anderson and the Warnayaka
Art Centre.
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