[NetBehaviour] The Home Within: YAMA and Ngurra Kurlu

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The Home Within: YAMA and Ngurra Kurlu.

In this special feature Steve Jampijimpa Patrick writes about YAMA, the
name given to the installation currently on display as part of the
exhibition Networking the Unseen (http://bit.ly/20hu1bS) at the
Furtherfield Gallery.

“I am writing this from Germany, we (Neil Jupurrurla Cooke and I) were in
England for a week working on YAMA, a multimedia installation with
Napanangka (Gretta Louw) for the Networking the Unseen exhibition at
Furtherfield. Every day we walked through Finsbury Park and the people we
saw were really alive there, playing, walking, school children running
through, watching the birds and the squirrels. But when we go into town, we
feel closed up again. We went to the Horse Guard. Where I come from, the
horses roam free - they are really alive. We don’t know their skin name ,
we don’t have a song for them because they’re feral animals, brought into
our country by kardiyah (white people) - but they’re free. When we see the
horses there in London trained to stand still like that, like they’re
stone, we feel sad for them.” Steve Jampijimpa Patrick.

Article on Furtherfield
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