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Just 0.6 Bitcoin from the target now!


On 28/07/16 10:44, nathan jones wrote:
> Hi,
> delighted to announce Torque's new book and public discourse project, 
> in partnership with Furtherfield.
> ARTISTS RE:THINKING THE BLOCKCHAIN will be a beautifully designed, 
> accessible introduction, speculative art and radical theoretical book 
> about this still largely mythical technology.  It aims to reroute 
> conversations that up to now have been dominated by financial 
> concerns, into less utilitarian areas.
> We're over halfway through our small crowdfunder 
> <http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/artists-rethinking-the-blockchain>, so 
> we just need a few more pre-orders and pledges to help us get the 
> project launched. Your pre-order or donation will contribute to 
> printing costs, and most importantly help us compete for funding from 
> Arts Council England, which is tricky given the shadowy subject matter.
> So we need all the help we can!
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kngWnLDyeCM
> We're also seeking proposals 
> <http://www.torquetorque.net/projects/open-call-artists-rethinking-the-blockchain/> for 
> content.
> http://www.torquetorque.net/projects/open-call-artists-rethinking-the-blockchain/
> After a range of public events, Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain 
> book will launch in Jan 2017 as a limited edition print edition and 
> freely available digital copies, accompanied by a 
> blockchain-based-protocol version.
> It will be our third book after Mind Language Technology 
> <http://www.torquetorque.net/publications/torque-1-mind-language-and-technology/>(2014) 
> and The Act of Reading 
> <http://www.torquetorque.net/products-page/product-category/torque-2-print-ed/>(2015).  
> The book will be designed by Mark Simmonds.
> torquetorque.net <http://torquetorque.net>
> Do share the info if you think others will be interested.
> WTF?!
> The blockchain is best known as the technology which underlies 
> 'Bitcoin', but our central assertion is that there is need for 
> discourse, play and speculation by practitioners outside of 
> financial-technology circles - particularly given the potential for 
> democratic and cultural changes which have been proposed as part of 
> blockchain's evolutions.
> If you don't know anything or not much about the potentials of the 
> blockchain, this book aims to bring you up to speed on theory and 
> mechanics of this new technology. If you do, its a platform to combine 
> the inventiveness of creative culture with this emergent technology.
> It's a hugely resonant time to be undertaking this project, as the 
> book and discussions will show.  Our current systems of governance, 
> finance and civic mechanics appear to be crumbling under 'post-truth' 
> politics, psychotic economics and media saturation.  Is the blockchain 
> going to be our saviour?  Probably not. But art is a great way to 
> understand and communicate the reach of new technologies - as well as 
> bend and reroute them.
> We also believe that artists are well placed to communicate with 
> people about what the future of the blockchain might *really feel 
> like*. This will strand will take the form of science fictions, 
> experimental texts, code-recipes, speculative essays, illustrations, 
> diagrams, and hybrids of all these.
> £5 gets your name inscribed in this landmark publication,
> you can pre-order the book at a discounted £15.
> There's also screen prints and suchlike available.
> http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/artists-rethinking-the-blockchain
> An Open Call for essays, artworks, poems etc.
> http://www.torquetorque.net/projects/open-call-artists-rethinking-the-blockchain/
> [another open call specifically for poets/text artists, based on PW 
> Studio's Txtblock concept, will launch in a few weeks]
> As well as a book, we're going to be hosting several events in Tate 
> and Furtherfield in London and with St Helens' Heart of Glass project 
> in the North West getting people engaged in these kinds of ideas, and 
> gathering their thoughts for publication.
> There's loads of lovely rewards there for pledgers.
> Hope you enjoy it.
> best wishes,
> Nathan
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