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Experimental group by Tania Candiani and Anna Paukova

The Polytechnic Museum in Moscow presents the third experimental group of the Polytech.Science.Art program of 2016 season – Interweave by Tania Candiani and Anna Paukova with the support of the Embassy of Mexico in Russia.

June 15-17, 2016–The Polytechnic Museum at VDNKh will host an experimental group Interweave by artist Tania Candiani (MX) and researcher Anna Paukova (RU) within the Polytechnic Museum’s Polytech.Science.Art program. 

The third experimental group of the new season will be held within the parallel programme of the exhibition “5 variations of phonic circumstances and a pause” exploring the emerging language of the modern technology. The group will be focused on the issues of data transmission in the world of modern technology, and the ways of interaction within interdisciplinary teams, where people tend to use various language codes trying to discover the general idea.

Tania Candiani is the most famous and significant artist of Mexico: in 2015, she represented her country at the Venice Biennale. Her growing interest in interrelation between art and technology inspired her to create installations, mechanisms, and soundscapes. Her works can be found both in private collections and state museums like MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego), SDMA (San Diego Museum of Art), Mexican Museum (San Francisco), and Deutsche Bank. She has been a recipient of the Guggenheim Artists Fellowship, and a member of the National System of Art Creators, Mexico since 2012.

Anna Paukova, professor of the Higher School of Economics’ Psychology Department, tutor and researcher, becomes the scientific advisor of the Meaning Weaving experimental group. 
In 2008, she graduated a Master’s program on Personality Research, Counseling and Psychotherapy. Anna is an expert in person-centered approach in communication, exploring the conditions of effective human interaction. She is interested in strategies of overcoming the barriers of communication between science, art, and society. 

In 2016, all the experimental groups and public events of the Polytechnic Museum’s Polytech.Science.Art program are gathered under one major topic – THE LIMITS OF UNDERSTANDABLE. The program’s projects not only present a variety of efforts in the intersection of science, technology, and art, but also extend the boundaries of interdisciplinary communication, covering new knowledge areas of modern technology and exploring the frontiers of various fields of study with artistic methods. THE LIMITS OF UNDERSTANDABLE is also a title for the summary exhibition of the Polytechnic Museum’s Polytech.Science.Art 2016 program: new objects and concepts created within the experimental groups and during other events over the year will meet with support to participate in the exhibition and festival Polytech.Science.Art Week.
Interweave experimental group will last for three days. This work will result in an international research project on ways and barriers of communication within cross-disciplinary groups. The public presentation of the work results will take place on the last day of the group alongside with a public talk by Tania Candiani, inviting everyone interested. 

Curators, media artists, linguists, social studies researchers, psychologists, sociologists, communication experts, and computer linguistics experts, as well as anyone interested in issues of data transmission, modern communications, and media, are welcome to participate  in the Interweave experimental group.

To apply for participation in the group, please complete the registration form and send a brief motivation letter. 
Participant applications accepted 8-13 June, 2016 inclusive.
The final list of participants will be announced on June 14, 2016. 
Selected participants will be able to join the experimental group for free.
The number of participants is limited.
The application form is available here: https://polytech.timepad.ru/event/340007/ 

Participant requirements:
- Fluent English;
- Clearly stated motivation. 
The experimental group Interweave is organized by the Polytechnic Museum within the program Polytech.Science.Art with the support of the Embassy of Mexico in Russian Federation.

Polytech.Science.Art program curator: Natalia Fuchs, art critic, curator at the Polytechnic Museum, new media researcher and culture manager (MA Media Art Histories, Danube University, Austria / MA Cultural Management, University of Manchester, UK). 

The Polytech.Science.Art of the Polytechnic Museum
Experimental group Interweave

Venue: Polytechnic Museum at VDNKh, 119 Mira Ave, bldg. 26

June 15-17, 2016 at 14.00-20.00*
*Pre-registration is required. Participants will be selected on the competitive basis.

June 17, 2016 at 20.00 
Interweave, public talk by Tania Candiani
Public presentation of the group work results
*Attendance to the public lectures is free of charge, pre-registration is required
Pre-registration: https://polytech.timepad.ru/event/340009/ 

See details: psa.polymus.ru

My warmest regards from Moscow,
Natalia Fuchs / Наталья Фукс

Interdisciplinary Projects Curator / Куратор

Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, Russia
Cell: +79104320152
Email: nvfuchs at polymus.ru; nfuchs at artypical.com
Web: http://www.polymus.ru

Polytech.Science.Art: Наука.Искусство.Технологии http://psa.polymus.ru; http://www.facebook.com/polytechscienceart

Polytech.Science.Art 2015 Report https://www.academia.edu/23921411/Polytech.Science.Art_2015

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