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The Critical Atlas of the Internet.

An interview with Louise Drulhe by Chloe Stavrou, on Furtherfield.

The Critical Atlas of the Internet, Louise Drulhe’s latest project, is a
virtual and physical exploration of the Internet space. The implications of
our physical actions in ‘real-time’ are not only timeless in ‘cyberspace’,
but also constitute for the making of an obscure Internet architecture
every time we browse the web.

The Atlas itself, functions as an enveloping notebook of Drulhe’s
discerning methodology in desiring to represent the geography and
architecture of the ‘unseen’ Internet territory. Initially a graphic
designer, Drulhe’s practice has meticulously evolved into including
cyber-spatial analysis. She yearns to understand the sociological,
political and economical issues that appear online, or are exasperated by
an online presence – ‘a territory we spend time in without knowing its

The Critical Atlas of the Internet, by being parted between fifteen
different hypotheses, sheds light on matters such as the monopolisation of
non-physical spaces, the possibility of encumbered networks and the
potential forms of the Internet.

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