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Dear undertakers. dear discussion list,
what are the fifteen partitions?
and how would you ever manage to perform an analysis of the www? Under obviously given circumstances - relating to time management, resources and generation of know how?
? gs
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Am 10.06.2016 um 16:10 schrieb furtherfield <furtherfielder at gmail.com>:

> The Critical Atlas of the Internet. 
> An interview with Louise Drulhe by Chloe Stavrou, on Furtherfield.
> The Critical Atlas of the Internet, Louise Drulhe’s latest project, is a virtual and physical exploration of the Internet space. The implications of our physical actions in ‘real-time’ are not only timeless in ‘cyberspace’, but also constitute for the making of an obscure Internet architecture every time we browse the web. 
> The Atlas itself, functions as an enveloping notebook of Drulhe’s discerning methodology in desiring to represent the geography and architecture of the ‘unseen’ Internet territory. Initially a graphic designer, Drulhe’s practice has meticulously evolved into including cyber-spatial analysis. She yearns to understand the sociological, political and economical issues that appear online, or are exasperated by an online presence – ‘a territory we spend time in without knowing its shape’. 
> The Critical Atlas of the Internet, by being parted between fifteen different hypotheses, sheds light on matters such as the monopolisation of non-physical spaces, the possibility of encumbered networks and the potential forms of the Internet. 
> http://bit.ly/1YhK7Ug
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