[NetBehaviour] The Great British Artists EU Referendum Debate. Tomorrow 13.00-15.00 BST on Twitter

Joseph Young artofnoises at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 16:32:55 CEST 2016

Is the EU referendum debate a big turn-off?
Are you fed up with unreliable claims on both sides?

What does the referendum mean for artists?
Does culture have a role to play in the debate?

a-n and AIR Council invite you to join us on June 16th between 13.00-15.00 BST on Twitter for 
The Great British Artists’ EU Referendum Debate, using the hashtag #EUartsdebate

We invite our membership and the wider visual arts community to join us online to debate what the EU referendum means for the future of our culture and artists’ livelihoods.

Some of the topics to be covered will be:
•	Freedom of movement and working in Europe
•	EU cultural funding 
•	Is there such a thing as a European cultural identity?

We will be inviting spokespeople from both sides of the argument, Leave and Remain, to get us started, but ultimately it’s your debate. Ask a question, make a statement or share an image/video/news story – let’s raise the tone and talk about the future of art both IN and OUT of Europe. 

All the best,

Joseph Young
Artist & AIR Council member

a-n The Artists Information Company
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www.payingartists.org.uk <http://www.payingartists.org.uk/>

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