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Thank you so much for these lovely words, Ruth. We (everyone involved, especially from Warnayaka, and myself) are so grateful to Furtherfield for seeing the potential in this work before other institutions did. It has been a real learning experience for all of us and such a deep dialogue, which is continuing this week for Jampijinpa, Jupurrurla, and I now that we are back here in Munich. We hope to have an article together soon that we can share with the Furtherfield community and the public, that will clarify some of the things Ruth has raised and add to Jampijinpa’s presentation on Saturday, for those who were there.

You may also enjoy some of these videos and fun clips (made during my visits to Lajamanu) about and from the artists at Warnayaka Art Centre and the Lajamanu Community: https://vimeo.com/user10846257/videos

I would love to hear more reflections from people who saw the show on the opening weekend - and, of course, as new visitors come through. Happy to also set up some dates for G+ Hangouts or something if people want to get together in small groups to discuss during the course of the exhibition.

Warmest regards,

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June-August 2016 - Networking the unseen, Furtherfield Gallery, curated by Gretta Louw with Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow, London, UK. Exhibition opening Friday 17th of June, with artist talks on Saturday the 18th of June. http://www.furtherfield.org/programmes/exhibition/networking-the-unseen?page=3 <http://www.furtherfield.org/programmes/exhibition/networking-the-unseen?page=3>
6 August 2016 - Do It With Others - Art and Solidarity in the Age of Networks, Wysing Arts Centre, led by Furtherfield (Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett), Cambridge, UK. http://www.wysingartscentre.org/whats_on/events/saturday_symposia_6_august <http://www.wysingartscentre.org/whats_on/events/saturday_symposia_6_august>
November-December 2016 - Monster of the Machine, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, curated by Marc Garrett, Gijón, Spain.
2017 - Networking the unseen (Across Boundaries), Villa Merkel, curated by Gretta Louw as part of the Bahnwärter Scholarship awarded by the City of Esslingen am Rhein, Esslingen, Germany.
Ongoing - GIF Portrait is a limited edition series of 20 digital art portraits on a commission basis. http://www.gifportrait.net/ <http://www.gifportrait.net/>

> On 21 Jun 2016, at 12:24 PM, ruth catlow <ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Last Friday we opened an exhibition curated by Gretta Louw, and featuring Yama, an installation she has made in collaboration with Neil Jupurrurla Cook, the Artistic Director of the Warnayaka Art Centre, along with other artists and members of the Warlpiri people of Lajamanu, in Central Australia. 
> With the Warnayaka Art Centre, over 4 or 5 years Gretta has formed an extraordinary artistic bridge- the Yama installation is fun, delicious, respectful, bold and provocative, in the face of social, political and environmental stress, and an exchange fraught with potential ethical and etiquett-ical bear-traps.
> <Mail Attachment.jpeg>
> Here is a photo by Michael Erglis of the Yama installation at Furtherfield Gallery.
> The exhibition also features work by 5 other Australian artists of diverse heritages.
> http://furtherfield.org/programmes/exhibition/networking-unseen <http://furtherfield.org/programmes/exhibition/networking-unseen>
> On Saturday Gretta led a tour of the exhibition. Then Warlpiri educator Steve Jampijimpa Patrick talked about the work in the context of the five pillars of Warlpiri culture. You can watch the short video that he showed here on Youtube  <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFZq7AduGrc>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFZq7AduGrc <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFZq7AduGrc>
> The discussion of "so called technology" pursued questions of: cultural continuity, churn and loss; in contrast with stories said to pre-date humans; medium-message relations (McLuhan-stylee), the opportunities and threats of openness and sharing in amongst the global flows of capital in the network age.
> I noticed as Jampijimpa drew in the sand, how his drawing resonated with the network diagrams that have informed and shaped our work at Furtherfield for the last 20 years, our understanding of the importance of connectedness and especially our DIWO campaign.  <http://furtherfield.org/projects/diwo-do-it-others-resource>http://furtherfield.org/projects/diwo-do-it-others-resource <http://furtherfield.org/projects/diwo-do-it-others-resource>
> Here you can see the Warnayaka 'logo' incorporated into our new DIWO graphic.
> <Mail Attachment.png>
> I cannot properly convey the full impact that these meetings and events are having on me and the other people who have attended. It is unfolding slowly, in unexpected ways. (Yama, is a Warlpiri word translates as 'reflection'- sky to land, inward to outward, shadow falling from object across another object). I will write more with more reflections as they arise and as I talk to others. 
> I urge you to see the exhibition if you can. And to talk to Gretta.
> We'll post images from the exhibition very soon.
> Cheers
> Ruth
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