[NetBehaviour] Listening to the Quin

Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 12:07:15 CEST 2016

That's very kind of you Edward - the assemblages are a work in progress -I've got one more to do (& the tree & and possibly the incense burner on the table) and then I'll have a "manger scene"style representation of the original image.I'm really interested in these serial projects -the paintings for adults and children, the paintings named after songs by the Fall, now this series of reworkings of the qin painting...Although it seems  long way from my roots in the digital I don't think for a moment the work would have taken its current from without, for example, the long movie sequence...its eclecticism, too, comes straight from the licence I granted myself in the earlier serial work...Anyway big thanks for looking and commenting!warmest wishesmichael

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Michael -

I like the picture - the dreamy mooniness of it, which the snail-trail 
adds to. But I was also looking at the puppets/sculptures you made out 
of bits of wood and pipe and what have you, and I like them even more!

- Edward
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