[NetBehaviour] looking for a someone doing digital/eletronic sound!

julakim julakim at ar2com.de
Mon Jun 27 22:33:43 CEST 2016

2 years ago I made an interpretation of Sandra Becker's poem HALLO WELT
translated into Portuguese OLA MUNDO (hello world). The double poem so
turned into a long song which I performed at the Goethe-Institut Porto
Alegre. now I am producing my second CD and I would like to add Sandra's
poem as a ‪#‎DIGITAL‬ version. I will be in the studios in JULY, the CD
should be produced by AUGUST 2016!
Any woman interested should get in contact with me to discuss the
details (such as exchange formats for my voice and guitar recording). I
m afraid I cannot pay you for your work, but I can offer 50 CDs of that
production, which you can sell or give away. It includes a nice artwork
with all the lyrics. The CD will cost 15 EUR (selling all CD would give
you a refund of 750 EUR).

here you might listen to the live performance (please disregard the pure
recording quality!)

sound regards,

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